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  1. trekker9876

    how to install ??

    others have hijacked this topic of mine, but I still cannot figure out how to install a module Starting the App PayPal: Start The PayPal App initializes and configures itself the first time it is loaded in the Administration Tool. this is the only thing about installing i can see in the "documentation" file and the readme.md has even less info. also there is nothing in the app about loading apps. please help
  2. trekker9876

    how to install ??

    i downloaded a paypal module. how do I install it onto the website version?
  3. trekker9876

    Paypal IPN version 2.9

    2.9 is just and only a huge problem... erase it completely and go back to origional so that it works.
  4. trekker9876

    paypal not showing Orders ???

    OK, so I installed this IPN but now I have received 3 orders with it, but no payments yet. very weird..
  5. trekker9876

    help with paypal IPN

    When I install the paypal ipn I get the following error: 1146 - Table 'lwagner_osc1.orders_session_info' doesn't exist insert into orders_session_info (sendto, billto, firstname, lastname, payment, payment_title, payment_amount, payment_currency, payment_currency_val, language, language_id, currency, currency_value, content_type, txn_signature, orders_id) values ('2', '2', 'jeff', '', 'paypal', 'PayPal', '16.00', 'USD', '1.00000000', 'english', '1', 'USD', '1.00000000', 'physical', 'sdfsdafsdafsdafsdafasdfsdafsaas', '23') [TEP STOP] :'( I think the problem I am having is the database part, because in myphpadmin, I cannot see or find the database and I havent the FOGGIEST idea of what to do. Everything else is configured properly. My paypal is disabled until I can fix this so PLEASE HELP! Jeff
  6. trekker9876

    Accepting PayPal & Credit Card - Totally Newbie

    hi there. paypal accepts cc's, but it is different than taking cc's yourself. its complicated to explain. I stick with just paypal and money order.
  7. trekker9876

    help with setting up paypal IPN 2.8/2.9

    I have phpmyadmin 2.5.6 on the left, I have to select the databases but my oscommerce database is not there. It shows my guestbook, phpbb, and a total of 5 databases, but none of them are my osc db. when I go to the sql button, it gives me the option of uploading a textfile. Is this how I "run" the paypal.sql file?? My database (in osc) has over 80 items, 20 customers, and 9 orders. I downloaded all the osc files but I dont know if the database is in the osc directory.
  8. trekker9876

    help, frustrated with paypal shopping cart IPN

    I have similar problems.... make sure there are appropriate ' marks where they need to be
  9. trekker9876

    help with setting up paypal IPN 2.8/2.9

    <_< I am trying to set up this contrib but I cannot get past the 2 following steps: Backup the database Use phpMyAdmin and run the file paypal.sql. Please help!! I am computer literate but as I follow the guide to install this thing, I am not seeing a backup command, and since I havent uploaded the files yet as per the guide and there is no "run" command.. PLease help!!! Jeff
  10. trekker9876

    help, frustrated with paypal shopping cart IPN

    and what exactly does this mean??