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    Multi-Stores Multiple Shops Support

    sputniknet, i had already seen the basic idea and it had interested me. What else is needed / broken / needs enhancing? I see you mentioned a how to on making this work with v2.2RC2a anything else? Not found anything else yet that would help / compare so I think in the next few weeks we’ll download and start work on this to see if we can then integrate into our existing project which is why I am asking about the above. Simon.
  2. scranmer

    Multi-Stores Multiple Shops Support

    Hi everyone can we just have a little review here. List of what this contribution offers and what it lacks / would likes. We are just about to embark on a HUGE project and this may be the bases. I have planning in for the next few weeks, start before Christmas and hope for it all to be finished & in by march (just to give you all some idea of timescales). ta Simon.
  3. scranmer

    Optimization of tep_get_tax_rate()

    OR even better use the global values function getTaxRate($class_id, $country_id = -1, $zone_id = -1) { global $customer_zone_id, $customer_country_id; //new line to fix tax login issue if ( ($country_id == -1) && ($zone_id == -1) ) { if (!tep_session_is_registered('customer_id')) { $country_id = STORE_COUNTRY; $zone_id = STORE_ZONE; } else { $country_id = $customer_country_id; $zone_id = $customer_zone_id; } } Si.
  4. scranmer

    Optimization of tep_get_tax_rate()

    Hi all, anyone else find that when the customer logs in the VAT is then lost from the "whats in my cart"? this is because the customer has logged in and their address has not been selected yet. fix is as follows, I just commented out the offending line and replaced it with the next in catalog\includes\classes\tax.php (line29)... // class methods function getTaxRate($class_id, $country_id = -1, $zone_id = -1) { if ( ($country_id == -1) && ($zone_id == -1) ) { //// if (!tep_session_is_registered('customer_id')) { if (!tep_session_is_registered('customer_id') || $customer_country_id=="") { $country_id = STORE_COUNTRY; $zone_id = STORE_ZONE; } else { $country_id = $customer_country_id; $zone_id = $customer_zone_id; } } HTH Si.
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    "Dynamenu" for osCommerce

    hi love the contribution and although it was a pain in the ass getting the look I required it was mainly down to not reading the help on here properly. Golden rule - stick to changing the style sheet! Anyway before i start, I just wanted to know if anyone had a cacheable version of this woking yet? cheers Si.
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    Automatic Store Feeds Contribution

    ok Ive found MSN one at https://adcenter.microsoft.com/ sorry no thats the wrong one i think
  7. scranmer

    Automatic Store Feeds Contribution

    i know this is going to sound very lame but does anyone have the signin/up URLs for MSN,yahoo etc google was easy to find but my serach talents are letting me down this morning <_< TA Si.
  8. scranmer

    Payment Module for taking credit card orders?

    i created below and as you can see its been stable for a while and used for at least 2 large PCI grade 3 companies. anyone with any other ideas sugestions or fixes can try it/add too it. :thumbsup: HTH Si. http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/71/v,22
  9. scranmer

    Credit Card Payment Options

    Having helped business for many years with banking/payment issues, here’s a summary. As stated before holding credit card information on the site means you are liable and will most likely have to conform to the PCI compliance. osc users already have ways of "appeasing" the banks. In short do not hold the card data together on the site for very long and have manual / automated procedures in place to ensure this. - using the split card payment email, over a secure email, will ensure the card number is never help on the server. - spliting the card information over multiple servers is a good option (as long as you have different passwords etc. - if your capturing the cvv, i hope you are using my mod or another like it that alows you to delete the field once you have entered it into your PDQ or downloaded the information to your internal system. - always but always have a clear out or encrypt the card info regularly. - check those log files to ensure you’re not writing any of the info out somewhere. - change your passwords on a regular basis and ensure they are large enough. ... im sure there are others but its too early to remember them all right now. HTH Si.
  10. scranmer

    Admin Access With Levels

    Chooch, Sorry for the delay, these settings are not specific to SQL, they are specific to the application or contribution. Unfortunatly I do not use this BUT but by looking at them and having a guess at how these tings work I would say the following... first column is a unique ref (UID), second column is the program it allows access too, third is program level 1=top or box info, 2=a program fourth being a pointer to its top or box level UID fifth could be a list of group ids identifying which user groups have access but you need to check the programs to confirm HTH SI.
  11. scranmer

    Admin Access With Levels

    Ah boo, when you PM'd me I thought you has some large SQL statement to normalise or that was running slow. These are raw SQL statements, you just need a copy of phpmyadmin or mysql administrator to run these against the database. Just highlight them all including the ; and paste then all in an SQL box to run them against the database. They will create a new table and all of the required preferences to start using the admin functionality. With phpMyAdmin you first select the db, then click the SQL tab and paste all the commands into the text box titles "Run SQL query/queries on database..." HTH Si. :thumbsup:
  12. This is why it also applys to my main customer as we dont take automatic payments, only once the order has been processed and the goods are allocated for dispatch does a CC transaction get applied for.
  13. Joe, I have looked into this and the fraud risks are high. Im not saying that people would but it only takes one swine to spoil it for all the others. If you send a voucher immediately they could send it to another email address, create an account, spend it on more goods and as soon as they receive the despatch mail on the new goods cancel their card or call for it being nicked. Granted you can go to the address the customer has sent the goods but what can you say someone signed for the goods so I want them back? Legally I think it would be OK but then how do you recover the goods? On my list of things to do is to stop this email being sent or the item on the email if the order contains other products, then to send another email once the redeem button has been pressed. Unfortunately that is 1-2 months away. For now I have left the item on the email and added some extra code saying that the item will be released once payment has been confirmed in x days. HTH Si.
  14. cannot remember who it was for, but it will work with any version since its a mod needed to the CC app. think its in includes/classes/cc_validation.php Si.
  15. Sorry I dont understand what you are saying but if you have removed the coupons text buy removing the array_add in a "/includes/boxes" prog I would put it back and change the text to '' in includes/languages. HTH Si.
  16. Look back a few pages I have already looked into and answered this before, I added some "basic" code that would solve this. HTH Si.
  17. Hedge, Ive not seen that before, does it fire every time you go into admin? just the gv admin page? Only places that fires is in admin/includes/add_ccgvdc_application_top.php in function ep_gv_account_update() (42 ish) or admin/gv_queue.php (53 ish). at a guess its only when you enter the gv_admin.php page and the only way it can get in there is if you have action = confirmrelease and gid. So how the hell are you getting this? try to empty your browser cach etc OR you may have some end of if out of place. The top of the prog should look like the following... HTH Si. require('includes/application_top.php'); require(DIR_WS_CLASSES . 'currencies.php'); $currencies = new currencies(); if ($HTTP_GET_VARS['action']=='confirmrelease' && isset($HTTP_GET_VARS['gid'])) { $gv_query=tep_db_query("select release_flag from " . TABLE_COUPON_GV_QUEUE . " where unique_id='".$HTTP_GET_VARS['gid']."'"); $gv_result=tep_db_fetch_array($gv_query); if ($gv_result['release_flag']=='N') { $gv_query=tep_db_query("select customer_id, amount from " . TABLE_COUPON_GV_QUEUE ." where unique_id='".$HTTP_GET_VARS['gid']."'"); if ($gv_resulta=tep_db_fetch_array($gv_query)) { $gv_amount = $gv_resulta['amount']; //Let's build a message object using the email class $mail_query = tep_db_query("select customers_firstname, customers_lastname, customers_email_address from " . TABLE_CUSTOMERS . " where customers_id = '" . $gv_resulta['customer_id'] . "'"); $mail = tep_db_fetch_array($mail_query); $message = TEXT_REDEEM_COUPON_MESSAGE_HEADER; $message .= sprintf(TEXT_REDEEM_COUPON_MESSAGE_AMOUNT, $currencies->format($gv_amount)); $message .= TEXT_REDEEM_COUPON_MESSAGE_BODY; $message .= TEXT_REDEEM_COUPON_MESSAGE_FOOTER; ///die(TEXT_REDEEM_COUPON_SUBJECT.'#'.$message); $mimemessage = new email(array('X-Mailer: osCommerce bulk mailer')); // add the message to the object $mimemessage->add_text($message); $mimemessage->build_message(); $mimemessage->send($mail['customers_firstname'] . ' ' . $mail['customers_lastname'], $mail['customers_email_address'], '', EMAIL_FROM, TEXT_REDEEM_COUPON_SUBJECT ); $gv_amount=$gv_resulta['amount']; $gv_query=tep_db_query("select amount from " . TABLE_COUPON_GV_CUSTOMER . " where customer_id='".$gv_resulta['customer_id']."'"); $customer_gv=false; $total_gv_amount=0; if ($gv_result=tep_db_fetch_array($gv_query)) { $total_gv_amount=$gv_result['amount']; $customer_gv=true; } $total_gv_amount=$total_gv_amount+$gv_amount; if ($customer_gv) { $gv_update=tep_db_query("update " . TABLE_COUPON_GV_CUSTOMER . " set amount='".$total_gv_amount."' where customer_id='".$gv_resulta['customer_id']."'"); } else { $gv_insert=tep_db_query("insert into " .TABLE_COUPON_GV_CUSTOMER . " (customer_id, amount) values ('".$gv_resulta['customer_id']."','".$total_gv_amount."')"); } $gv_update=tep_db_query("update " . TABLE_COUPON_GV_QUEUE . " set release_flag='Y' where unique_id='".$HTTP_GET_VARS['gid']."'"); } } }
  18. oops, ignore the top bit I was trying to help someone else and for some reason I am unable to edit my responses ?!?! >_< :( <_< :blink:
  19. On starting, fan turns, screen comes on Does a memory check OK Sees athlon 3200+ at 2ghz Checks IDE 0 and One - recognition Then it gives the error message ?WHAT IS IT?? with a speaker beep (a double one). It doesn't get to the boot to floppy stage. The only bios option that i can see is to press f11 to enter boot mode - i do this and a message states it will enter boot mode - or the like. But it never shows a menu. HANG/reboot? The manual suggests pressing 'f2' (and from posts online) but f2 does nothing, neither does 'del' or 'f1' only f11 registers a keypress. i know the keyboard is working since if i hit pause, i slow the startup down as is meant to happen. petsk, I don?t use download system but is that not correct? If you only have download items does why would you need their delivery info? Hopefully irishcavan or scottsw will be able to help as they are using downloads and have asked questions regarding this system. Eww, I?m afraid it?s an all or nothing install BUT you can just setup the gift voucher section and even if you setup both, if you do not create any coupons then none can be entered. Think you may have to change some of the text in /includes/language/ especially the FAQ stuff. HTH Si.
  20. Tec, When applying the mods, I suspect you have missed a tag that switches from HTML back to PHP (<? Or <?php) this could be anywhere as checkout_payment calls so much but checkout the following first? \includes\classes\order_total.php (around line 99) \includes\modules\order_total\ot_coupon.php(around line 76) \includes\modules\order_total\ot_gv.php(around line 160) moonbeam. which contribution as there are not quite a few? Don?t think I have seen this problem before but finding where this message (MODULE_ORDER_TOTAL_COUPON_TEXT_ERROR) is generated, it is displayed from the standard payment get_error() so I would search for calls to that and work back from there. HTH Si.
  21. 1. I expect you have a coding issue with this (may also be missing in that version) check it against the code in "Clickable link in Email Fix" contribution. 2. I would have said that you may have another coding issue and somewhere you have a SELECT that is missing some joins (in the trade its know as creating a cartesian join) and this will mean mySQL is spending ages trying to select everything from the DB. tec, ignore the STORE_ROOT/includes/modules/payment/ reference just put all of the files into your STORE_ROOT or apply all of the changes to each corresponding file. HTH Si.
  22. alienation2005, Dont have many other contributions from here as most are mine. Testing is imperative but don?t forget that there are millions of combinations of addons and cannot all be tested. Can you make a summary of your problem again. Si.
  23. kyao888, Think you are saying that if there is enough credit you have to still enter cc info, if not it may be the same style of bug so you may need to mod your cc section. I previously posted changes to this I think you need to look in \includes\classes\cc_validation.php & maybe \includes\modules\payment\cc.php. InnocentlyWiked, The references to vanilla site are two fold. The first reason is that contributions are created for newbies to drop in (and therefore may not have any of the mods commented properly for you to reaply to your version) and secondly because when you start mixing lots of mods they can conflict. I would take a copy of your site and apply v1.14 + the extras you mentioned. scottsw, I would use 2 and change your status description to something like payment completed. GV work by using an account, do not logout. Chooch, you sill suffering? HTH Si.
  24. Chooch, Not back fully yet :angry: they just lead me into a false sense of security this morning. Went down to complain and they have the whole road shut 4xvans, 1xlorry, 1xlarge digger and 10xmen there which is never a promising site. :( Anyway I am only using my enhanced CC module for payment which is why I never seem to have many of these other problems. And since I?m not having this problem I would say it?s possibly within the catalog\includes\modules\payment or catalog\includes\classes\payment.php (since cc has its own class in here) Sorry Si.
  25. vincenzo, search back a few pages someone else was having this problem and Im sure he found and posted the solution. Pixy, I’m not even sure this is the correct forum for this is it??? Is so which mod and version did you install as it looks like maybe something else crept into the code. tec, my learned friend chooch is right it will fit but don’t forget to take a copy of the site BEFORE you install . You will need to then check which files clash and reapply any mods which if I remember is none as its just the file catalog\includes\column_right.php. site1: another thought for the discount problem is to check in your admin the order total modules sequence is correct site2: you need to post the exact error. Can you send out emails from the std admin email section? Are you sure you have the ccgv filenames included correctly in admin? And as cooch says check your sql was applied correctly in the db for the admin section. HTH Si.