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  1. Jason

    help index for your site ?

    I will post this as a contribution... I honestly didn't think anyone would be interested . I am away right now, so I won't be able to do it for a couple of weeks. Jason
  2. Hi, I have posted this to the installation list too... but this is also specific to PayPal IPN contribution... ANyone know why the session variable $customer_id would disappear between checkout_process, paypal and checkout_success.php? Everything else works fine, just the select right at the top of the page that doesn't find the $customer_id, and therefore selectes NULL... ANy ideas? Jason
  3. Jason

    PayPal IPN

    Hi John, We opened one using a French credit card. But before being able to accept payments, we had to confirm the account with the number that appeared on our credit card statement - so that took over a month to finish :( Good luck
  4. Jason

    PayPal IPN

    Thanks Pablo. The only doubt was that I didn't test it as thoroughly as I might have due to a lack of time ! :oops: Jason
  5. Jason

    PayPal IPN

    Hi Pablo, Just a note to say thanks for your PayPal IPN contribution,. We just went live with our shop, and as chance would have it, someone paid via PayPal within an hour of launch. And guess what. It worked ! So. Thanks :D
  6. Hi, this probably sounds (and is) dumb... What is cURL and what advantage does it have here? Thanks
  7. Jason

    PayPal IPN?

    Hi Pablo, Just saw the answer to this question in the 'other' thread. Please ignore Sorry
  8. Jason

    PayPal IPN

    Hi Pablo, Thanks for the reply, I am afraid I added this same comment to the other thread going on. My apologies for that - I hadn't seen this reply. I obviously misunderstood the email PayPal sent me... But then they never are VERY clear. Here is an extract: I'll keep an eye out for your next opus :D
  9. Jason

    PayPal IPN?

    Hi all, I saw today that the multi currencies IPN is now active at PayPal. Does your latest contribution include this? Anyone know how to test this contribution (ie make a test purchase through PayPal)? All the best Jason
  10. Jason

    PayPal IPN

    Hi, I just got news from PayPal that the GBP and EUR currency mc_currency variable now functions... ANyone out there looking to update the PayPal IPN for this? Looking at it, it seems to me that the URL on checkout_paypalipn.php neesds to haver a few variables added, and the system should convert to the default currency if the currency is not USD, GBP or EUR. I believe the fields for mc_currency etc exist already in the module... By the way, great module. Thanks. Just one more thing. How do I test it? I can't send myself money... is there a test feature at PayPal? Thanks