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  1. dobosconsulting

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    Seems to me that the main reason for installing this mod was to fix the problem of customers not clicking through to the final confirmation page. If all of these problems are still unresolved, then there isn't much point in using anything beyond the original PayPal IPN. Just my 2 cents. I have had occasional problems with customers not finishing their orders regardless of which payment method they use. A few people have emailed me asking where their order is. And then I have to tell them they never actually completed an order. Perhaps a better solution would be to rework the checkout process so it is more clear to customers that they need to complete all 4 steps? I may add a quick and dirty workaround that would email me when a 'potential' customer/order had reached step 3? Then if I don't get an order, I know there may be a problem?
  2. dobosconsulting

    usps api shipping label, online labels integrated

    Personally, I print shipping labels and packing slips, but don't print invoices. And I print labels to a different printer, in which I load specially designed Click N Ship labels (available from labeluniverse.com). So for me, at least so far, it would be better to keep the printing separate. Thanks for the fix for the State variable.
  3. dobosconsulting

    usps api shipping label, online labels integrated

    Are you sure about this? FILENAME_ORDERS_DIFFERENTSHIPPING and IMAGE_ORDERS_DIFFERENT_SHIPPING are two different things... one is referencing a .php file and the other is referencing an image. I think it was correct before. The problem with the missing underscore (_) was in the directions only... not the included orders.php file. The file had it correct, but I couldn't use it because my orders.php was already modded a dozen times over. B) I could be wrong about this... if so, my apologies.
  4. dobosconsulting

    usps api shipping label, online labels integrated

    Found a cheesy way around my apostrophe problem... I just hard coded the business name to be Dobos Delights rather than use the company name variable. Ain't very sophisticated, but it works. Now I have one more problem... sometimes when the shipping state is filled in, it is the wrong state. For example... if the shipping address is to OH, it comes up as OR. Anyone else experience this? Other than this one minor issue, this is an terrific contribution. It is already saving me much time messing with hand writing labels (and preventing errors in writing them). Also saving time not waiting in line at the post office! Thanks! :D
  5. dobosconsulting

    usps api shipping label, online labels integrated

    OK... narrowed down the problem further. My business name is Dobo's Delights Bake Shoppe, with an ('). In Admin, it is listed as such... I do not have to put in Dobo\'s Delights Bake Shoppe. Apparently all code is fixed when pulling the business name from the database. Except that it doesn't work for this contrib. Adding the slash (\) to the company name doesn't help either. (I changed the Full name entry in Admin and that half of the issue is solved.) Will try to hunt down where to fix this but if anyone has any ideas...
  6. dobosconsulting

    usps api shipping label, online labels integrated

    Forget the 2nd problem... I figured it out!
  7. dobosconsulting

    usps api shipping label, online labels integrated

    Great contrib... I think... 2 problems right now. First... when I click either customer or shipping label button the page incorrectly fills in the (sender) Full Name and Company Name... They are entered as: Full Name: Dobo Company Name: Dobo Instead of: Full Name: Kevin Dobo-Hoffman Company Name: Dobo's Delights Bake Shoppe Second... can someone please give more detailed (and correctly spelled) instructions on how to get around the log-in & time-out issues? The instructions at the end of the install file just don't make sense. Thanks in advance!
  8. Fixed my problem... somehow managed to delete a query line near the bottom of the admin...orders.php file. :-"
  9. I can only think of the obvious... make sure you got this line at the bottom of general.php: include('includes/functions/decrypt.php');
  10. I REALLY need help with this! I am starting to get orders and have to guess what the customer wanted because the order.php page only shows the subtotal price with no details as to products/counts/etc! Right now it's easy because I only have 7 items to start out... but this is going to be a real problem in a hurry. FREE PASTRIES TO ANYONE WHO CAN GET THIS PROBLEM SOLVED! :D
  11. I am getting the following error/warning at the top of orders.php when viewing any particular order: Line 99 contains the function: I searched for calls to that function in orders.php and it is called 4 times. None of these is contained within any modified code, but I have added the cc_cvv+encryption v1.7 mod which has a number of edits to the file. I have double checked the edited code and don't see anything that doesn't follow the directions. Also... the whole thing appears to function correctly except for the warning message. Note: the error only appears when looking at a particular order, not looking at the main list of orders. Can anyone tell me how to eliminate this? Or track down where it is coming from? Keep in mind that I am fairly new to php/programming. Thanks!