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  1. ^Pariah^

    Dynamic SiteMap

    Trying to find where this is being created But not having much luck so far Sitemap Getting an extra couple of bullets and "pages" - called Card - that don't actually go anywhere View source is just showing them up as text Have nothing close to this as a filename in boxes or catalog Would somebody like to push me in the obvious direction ? Thanx Tim ps I am going to be so annoyed if has already been discussed in this forum - before I contemplate installing a contribution, i read the associated forum from front to back - at least this one is reasonably short :rolleyes:
  2. ^Pariah^

    [Contribution] Advanced Cartbox

    D'Oh ! Can u tell I know naff about html/php ? Hehehehe Thanx :blush:
  3. ^Pariah^

    [Contribution] Advanced Cartbox

    Love this little contrib - Much nicer than stock version As suggested I added in a few places - And it works wonderfully Except in Mozilla For some reason, Mozilla treats the placed before Qty as characters and displays &nbsp. Yet all others are shown as <spaces>. $products_form =' <tr>' . // Added to below line before Qty so it was not hard against frame ' <td>&nbspQty </td>' . ' <td> ' . $extra_elements . tep_draw_input_field.............. Would be so much easier if only had to please one browser - or if M$ didn't decide to do their own thing ! Any suggestions are greatly appreciated :)
  4. ^Pariah^

    How Did You Hear About Us - Support

    Call me stupid ! I have been religiously making backups of each file I edit That aint stupid But restoring the wrong one is ! How Embarassment
  5. ^Pariah^

    How Did You Hear About Us - Support

    Awww Crap ! I've had this working for months without issue In the last few days I have done something to kill it And can't seem to understand what Fatal error: Call to undefined function: tep_get_source_list() in /home/leatherandlaceftp/www/catalog/create_account.php on line 534 Any hints muchly appreciated :blush: