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  1. I want to use different HTML disclaimers during checkout for different customers. For example, I have 2 different customer pricing - dealer and retail.


    I want to have special html comments for dealers, and then special html comments for retail. I am guessing this is a simple in/then PHP query, however I know nothing about php. How would I go about doing this.


    For example on my checkout_payment page I have the following notice, but I only want retail to see it


    "Retail Customers Notice - We can only ship to the credit card billing address "

  2. I have 2 problems with a 2Checkout account I just set up.


    A: Oscommerce requests the credit card number which I don't want it to do because 2checkout requests it again later.


    B: 2Checkout isn't coming back to the site to confirm the order so I don't get any shopping cart information


    You can see what I mean at http://www.behealthyfitness.com


    Thanks in advance for your help, its greatly appreciated

  3. Hi, I incorporated this on my site but I am trying to make it more search engine friendly. How do I get the article title in the Title bar when I am on the newsdesk_info.php pages.


    For example of what I mean go to



    I want the title of the page to be "What is Whey Protein?" - I am assuming its very simple through a little php insert in the <title> tags but I can't seem to figure it out. Thanks for your help!!!!

  4. I added this contribution (which Rules), however when using the coupon code I don't see the discount when I go in the admin side to process the order. I am assuming I did something wrong but I can't figure out what, I did a complete reinstall. It just shows the complete total without discount in the admin area, however when you place a test order the discount appears properly. But once I get the retail confirmation order email it gives me the complete total, and doesn't show the discount. Thanks in advance - I am using OSC 2.2MS2


    You can do a test on my site if I am being confusing : http://www.behealthyfitness.com/healthy-fitness


    Coupon Code memberdiscount