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  1. The list shown in the Configuration box dropdown list is in English, regardless of which language you are using on your admin side. Probably because the database table "configuration_group" does not contain a language key field. Is this a known problem that is being take care of, or am I the first one to notice? Kjell
  2. KjellAa

    Who's online

    Quite true..... I got a "500 internal server error" when i tried to log on. I then changed the setting under Configuration->sessions->recreate session from "true" to "false", and then logged in without problems. Then again, I don't know if changing that parameter can cause other problems. Kjell
  3. KjellAa

    Who's online

    Does anybody out there feel the urge to upgrade this one: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/824 to release It works quite well as it is, but the menu boxes on the left side disappears. No big challenge for an experienced php-guru. (Which i am not) Kjell Aa Oslo
  4. The unique index on the table osc_languages_definition id "id" only. If there are supposed to be more than one language here, I would recommend that the unique index is changed into id + languages_id Kjell
  5. KjellAa

    API Account Username

    Go here: http://www.paypal.com/IntegrationCenter/ic...-signature.html and follow instructions carefully. Note the sequence. Profile - API access - Request API credentials - Request API signature - Agree and Submit. That will give you the API credentials needed. I see that you say "So, I go to PayPal, Profile, API Access and click on API Grant Permission." That is not the correct sequence. Try again. K
  6. KjellAa

    API Account Username

    First of all, I use PayPal Standard, that one works. Secondly, you must have a PP business or Premier account, a private account won't do. Go here: http://www.paypal.com/IntegrationCenter/ic...-signature.html That should explain it all. Kjell
  7. KjellAa

    Setting up the PayPal express!

    When logged into your PayPal account, click on Profile. Under Account information, you'll find API Access. There you first do a grant API Permission, and use that info when you request API credentials. That is where you find your API Username, Password and Signature Kjell
  8. KjellAa

    Additional print forms

    I need to be able to print some information on a predefined A4 form. The form in question is a shipping label and COD information form from the post. I need to be able to print the order total amount a couple of places, the shipping name and address a couple of places and some other information a couple of places. The problem is, this information needs to be printed in excact locations on the A4 form. When that one is printed, I can print the invoice. Any suggestions?