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  1. Typhoonit

    [contribution] Simple Template System (sts)

    Was actually the $scriptname = getenv('SCRIPT_NAME'); line that was messing mine up. Looks like it's working now, thanks for the help everyone. I think that line might work for some, but not for me. Returned something completely unrelated for me. Thanks again.
  2. Typhoonit

    [contribution] Simple Template System (sts)

    NM....had a question here....but I'm going to try some stuff first.
  3. Typhoonit

    [contribution] Simple Template System (sts)

    Hello, I love the idea of this sts, but I can only get it working on my main page. The sub category templates and product templates when placed in the sts_templates or STS_templates directory do not seem to be working. My site is still basic, and STS is the only thing I have installed, but I still cant get it working. I installed v2.01 and then the April 2 fix and then the August 25 fix. But still nothing. I also tried to add the line $scriptname = getenv('SCRIPT_NAME'); above $scriptbasename... as peter sugested about 10 posts ago. But still it is not working. Does anyone have any ideas as to why?
  4. Typhoonit

    Canada Post Module Postal Code Illegal

    I had the same problem with the origin postal code. Thanks to RCAF for the initial reply, I tried that and it worked. An additional thanks to binare, for the corrected code that gives the original functionality. That worked for me too. Just as a note, the full code that needs to be replaced is on line 67 Replace: $this->_canadapostOrigin(STORE_ORIGIN_ZIP, $country_name['countries_iso_code_2']); With: $this->_canadapostOrigin(SHIPPING_ORIGIN_ZIP, $country_name['countries_iso_code_2']); This worked perfectly for me. Thanks again.