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  1. Hi rla128, Get ready to work... :D +++Backup your original files+++ then get to editing... Note: The code is wrapped within the post, make sure that it is NOT within your oscommerce files. That's it. :thumbsup:
  2. Oh, I forgot something, sorry. 6. Rename the file to pwa_redirect.php and upload to the catalog/includes/languages/english/ and any other language folders (you'll have to translate) Try it. Good luck! :D ------------------ underzen, Know this, I do not have this mod installed, but I do remember in some of the earlier post for this topic, they found a way to fix your problem. Good luck!
  3. GD

    Faster Page Loads, Less DB queries

    Hi defender39, From the install file: Does this really mean to, repeat: Step 1. But, this time for the file /catalog/configuration.php? :huh: Because, the catalog config shouldn't be added to the same file the admin created. How did you handle it? :D Thanks!
  4. Hi verstege, Is your milestone 2.2 shop, MS1 or MS2? The latest RMA_returns 2.2 is made for MS2. ;) -------------------------------- The full installation instructions were included in the new .zip file. What file is not showing your orders? -------------------------------- Yes, I installed this version of the mod on my 2.2 MS2 shop. 02/07/2004 - RMA_return2.1b Author: andrew<- Made for 2.2 MS2. http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,1136
  5. Hi donbaker, It sounds like you may have forgot to add the language file for: catalog/includes/languages/english/returns_track.php Or If you are talking about the forms submit button not having any text on it, the code should look like this: Good luck.
  6. A happy update, well at least for myself! ;) I've benn trying to get the mod to work sense 04/09/2003, so I had to try the mod, just one more time before I gave up on it, so I installed this version: 02/07/2004 - RMA_return2.1b Author: andrew http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri...ons,1136/page,7 Oh happy day! :D With some very minor tweaks, it is working 100% on my 2.2MS2 install. Thanks andrew, and a big thank you to ALL the coders on this mod. B)
  7. Met00, Thanks for your reply, but this mod would not work for me. I've uninstalled it for now. :rolleyes: Thanks
  8. Pixxi, Thanks for your input. :) ---------------------------------- The problem that I'm having is: :( On the admin/recover_cart_sales.php page I select with a check mark the customer I want to send a e-mail to, but when I click on the Send E-mail button only the database gets updated, no e-mail is sent to the customer??? I'm running Recover Cart Sales 1.3.6a
  9. Hi Pixxi, Your post fixed the error message B), but the e-mail still doesn't get sent to the customer? :( Any ideas? Thanks! :D
  10. Nevermind, This mod, just does not want to work for me :rolleyes:, so I'll be uninstalling it.
  11. Nevermind, This mod, just does not want to work for me :rolleyes:, so I'll be uninstalling it.
  12. Hi, I've installed the mod and everything seems to be working, but I'm receiving an error message when I try to send a e-mail to a customer. Help. Thanks! :D
  13. PLEASE, Anyone that has the mod working, PLEASE post a .zip file of their working version of the mod B) , so everyone who has tried and failed to get this important mod working, like myself, can get on to running their store! Thank you! :D P.S. I know I'm cross posting from rma support, but maybe I'll be able to get this mod working 100% with some help! Thanks!
  14. Hi tradertt, The easiest way I have found to find the changes between osCommerce code and the code from a mod is to use this FREE PC software. B) ExamDiff - Visual File Comparison Tool: http://www.prestosoft.com/ Good luck!