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  1. Hi, i'm new to php and I was looking through the UPS.php file to see how they were sending information to UPS...and I was wondering how hard would it be to add the dimension (of the box) information to UPS as well. I installed the dimension contribution so i have that information ... I was wondering if adding dimensions is a quick fix inside the UPS.php file...or do i need to pass variables from within several files.


    did you figure out how to do this; i need the same

  2. Has anyone found a way to use Paypal for CC payments w/o the user having to login to there Paypal account? A seemless type solution would be so nice. It seems like since Paypal requires a credit card number to be associated with only one paypal account, there would be a way to do this.

  3. I just thought I would note that the Scrolling Links Box Contribution seems to have a problem when displayed by Mozilla's Firefox Browser. The scrolling text begins below the box on my site.

  4. I'm working with OsCommerce PayPal IPN Module v1.1 For 2.2MS2. I was hoping someone could provide an example of what you expect to see in the following input blocks.


    Your Private Key:

    Your Public Certificate:

    PayPals Public Certificate:

    Your PayPal Public Certificate ID:

    Working Directory:

    OpenSSL Location:


    Just looking for examples, doesn't need to be real entries. I've been on sandbox, setup a personal account and a business account. Verified. Have a certificate for one of the account's. But am lost as to what to put in for the above blocks. I know this is asking for alot, but I sure could use the help. Thanks.

  5. I was able to remove the MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_TEXT_TILE but still do not have the ADMIN->PAYPAL IPN-TRANSACTIONS menu under Admin control panel. Any ideas why this would not show?


    I know this doesn't help, but my Paypal IPN doesn't show up under Admin Payment modules either. Hopefully someone can shed some light.