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    Money Order/Check

    In Admin > Modules > Payment > Check/Money Order is the "Set Order Status" set to "default"? Default should set it to a "Pending" status and not allow for a download till you set it to "Processing" after the check/money order clears your bank.
  2. bobg7

    osCommrece Cart and PayPal account!

    I would suggest you only use the PayPal IPN and turn off the other PayPal. One it will confuse the customers and two the PayPal IPN will store the sales where the other PayPal won't.
  3. bobg7

    Credit Card CCV #

    There is a contribution for collecting the CVV2 number, also look for the contribution(s) to remove the CC and CVV2 data from the database once there processed.
  4. bobg7

    Is someone (web designer) stealing my orders? PayPal IPN

    Your PayPal account may not be setup to accept payments from non PayPal members so they can't make the payment. This can be checkek and changed via you PayPal account.
  5. bobg7

    how to activate payment online

    You need PayPal or a merchant account. PayPal collects the funds minus a small processing fee, you never see the credit card info. Then you need to transfer the funds from PayPal to your bank account or get a PayPal Debit Card and get your funds out of an ATM. If using PayPal, install the PayPal IPN contribution, this will prevent the issues with the stock install. A merchant account works almost the same way as far as the collection of funds is done but each one has a different way of transfering your funds to your bank account, some are daily, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly.
  6. You have asked this question several times before and since your using a FREE HOSTING service without email support you have only one or two option as mentioned in one or more of the other posts you placed on this issue. 1) Pay to upgrade the account to have email 2) Find a FREE HOSTING service that also has email support
  7. bobg7

    Payment Module for taking credit card orders?

    You don't need to delete the order, just install the contributions to remove the cc and cvv numbers and you should be ok.
  8. bobg7

    Payment Module for taking credit card orders?

    There are 2 contributions, one to remove the credit card info and one the CVV number, install them both, once the card is processed then remove the CC and CVV info from the database. There will be 2 buttons to do that on the order page. On a side note make sure you have strong passwords for the admin page and the database, also don't store the order emails on the server, store them on your PC. If your host has weak security on there email servers a hacker can get the first/last 4 of the CC and the CVV numbers from the email, then use a generator to find the rest of the numbers.
  9. bobg7

    Looking far a log or audit trail

    If this is the only time it's happened and has been working without error before than I would say it was an isolated error. I would suspect the customer clicked the Confirm button, nothing happend (connecting to the gateway) and clicked it again thus creating a duplicate payment. If you have a way to check the transactions on the gateway server see if they are date/time stamped and I would suspect you see two instances going through with seconds of each other.
  10. Seems like this user likes to send spam messages.

  11. bobg7

    Credit Card Module- How To Add Cvv Numbers

    After installing and verifying it's working correctly, look for a contribution to remove the cvv2 and credit card info from the database so you won't be storing the info once the credit card is processed. This should keep you in compliance.
  12. bobg7

    Paypal Module Hacked?

    I could also be there using a cloned PayPal Payment email where they create an html email to look exactly like a real PayPal email.
  13. bobg7


    There is a mod built for ZenCart that with some tweaking by someone with better skills than me could make it work. TransFirst ZenCart Mod
  14. bobg7

    Suggestions for dealing with the Paypal problem

    This issue has been hashed over several times, you need to install one of the PayPal IPN contributions. Once installed the info will be stored in the database before checkout so if the customer dosent click to return to the merchant the order is still in the system, you'll get an payment email from PayPal but the Order Confirmation won't go out since the customer didn't go to the Checkout Success page. Match the customer name from the PayPal payment email to the Orders and you have the order.
  15. bobg7

    PDF Invoice

    I'm trying to get the PDF Invoice contribution to also include the customers email address and phone number. I have it partly coded to work, ie: it gives the lines 'Email Address:' and 'Phone Number:' but it's not pulling the information. Here is the invoice.php I'm using: <?php /* $Id: create_pdf,v 1.2 2005/03/08 osCommerce, Open Source E-Commerce Solutions http://www.oscommerce.com Copyright (c) 2005 osCommerce Released under the GNU General Public License Written by Neil Westlake (nwestlake@gmail.com) for www.Digiprintuk.com */ define('FPDF_FONTPATH','fpdf/font/'); require('fpdf/fpdf.php'); require('includes/application_top.php'); require(DIR_WS_LANGUAGES . $language . '/' . FILENAME_ORDERS_INVOICE); require(DIR_WS_CLASSES . 'currencies.php'); $currencies = new currencies(); include(DIR_WS_CLASSES . 'order.php'); class PDF extends FPDF { //Page header function Header() { global $oID; $date = strftime('%A, %d %B %Y'); //Logo $this->Image('images/logo1.jpg',3,10,40); // Invoice Number and date $this->SetFont('Arial','B',10); $this->SetTextColor(0,102,153); $this->SetY(37); $this->MultiCell(50,4,"Invoice: #" . $oID . "\n" . $date ,0,'L'); // Company Address $this->SetX(0); $this->SetY(10); $this->SetFont('Arial','B',10); $this->SetTextColor(0,102,153); $this->Ln(0); $this->Cell(149); $this->MultiCell(50, 3.5, STORE_NAME_ADDRESS,0,'R'); } function Footer() { //Position at 1.5 cm from bottom $this->SetY(-19); //Arial italic 8 $this->SetFont('Arial','',12); $this->SetTextColor(0,102,153); $this->Cell(0,10, PRINT_INVOICE_TEXT, 0,0,'C'); $this->SetY(-15); $this->Cell(0,10, PRINT_INVOICE_URL, 0,0,'C'); //Page number //$this->Cell(0,10,'Page '.$this->PageNo().'/{nb}',0,0,'C'); } function RoundedRect($x, $y, $w, $h,$r, $style = '') { $k = $this->k; $hp = $this->h; if($style=='F') $op='f'; elseif($style=='FD' or $style=='DF') $op='B'; else $op='S'; $MyArc = 4/3 * (sqrt(2) - 1); $this->_out(sprintf('%.2f %.2f m',($x+$r)*$k,($hp-$y)*$k )); $xc = $x+$w-$r; $yc = $y+$r; $this->_out(sprintf('%.2f %.2f l', $xc*$k,($hp-$y)*$k )); $this->_Arc($xc + $r*$MyArc, $yc - $r, $xc + $r, $yc - $r*$MyArc, $xc + $r, $yc); $xc = $x+$w-$r; $yc = $y+$h-$r; $this->_out(sprintf('%.2f %.2f l',($x+$w)*$k,($hp-$yc)*$k)); $this->_Arc($xc + $r, $yc + $r*$MyArc, $xc + $r*$MyArc, $yc + $r, $xc, $yc + $r); $xc = $x+$r; $yc = $y+$h-$r; $this->_out(sprintf('%.2f %.2f l',$xc*$k,($hp-($y+$h))*$k)); $this->_Arc($xc - $r*$MyArc, $yc + $r, $xc - $r, $yc + $r*$MyArc, $xc - $r, $yc); $xc = $x+$r; $yc = $y+$r; $this->_out(sprintf('%.2f %.2f l',($x)*$k,($hp-$yc)*$k )); $this->_Arc($xc - $r, $yc - $r*$MyArc, $xc - $r*$MyArc, $yc - $r, $xc, $yc - $r); $this->_out($op); } function _Arc($x1, $y1, $x2, $y2, $x3, $y3) { $h = $this->h; $this->_out(sprintf('%.2f %.2f %.2f %.2f %.2f %.2f c ', $x1*$this->k, ($h-$y1)*$this->k, $x2*$this->k, ($h-$y2)*$this->k, $x3*$this->k, ($h-$y3)*$this->k)); } } //Instanciation of inherited class $pdf=new PDF(); // Set the Page Margins $pdf->SetMargins(4,2,4); //$pdf->AliasNbPages(); while (list($key, $oID) = each($_GET)) { if ($key == "osCAdminID") break; $orders_query = tep_db_query("select orders_id from " . TABLE_ORDERS . " where orders_id = '" . $oID . "'"); $order = new order($oID); // Add the first page $pdf->AddPage(); //Draw the top line with invoice text $pdf->Cell(50); $pdf->SetY(62); $pdf->SetDrawColor(153,153,153); $pdf->Cell(15,.1,'',1,1,'L',1); $pdf->SetFont('Arial','BI',15); $pdf->SetTextColor(153,153,153); $pdf->Text(22,63.5,'Invoice'); $pdf->SetY(62); $pdf->SetDrawColor(153,153,153); $pdf->Cell(38); $pdf->Cell(160,.1,'',1,1,'L',1); //Draw Box for Invoice Address $pdf->SetDrawColor(0); $pdf->SetLineWidth(0.5); $pdf->SetFillColor(224); $pdf->RoundedRect(3, 67, 90, 35, 2, 'DF'); //Draw the invoice address text $pdf->SetFont('Arial','B',10); $pdf->SetTextColor(0); $pdf->Text(8,71, ENTRY_SOLD_TO); $pdf->SetX(0); $pdf->SetY(74); //$pdf->SetFont('Arial','B',8); //$pdf->SetTextColor(0); $pdf->Cell(5); $pdf->MultiCell(70, 3.3, tep_address_format(1, $order->customer, '', '', "\n"),0,'L'); //Draw Box for Delivery Address $pdf->SetDrawColor(0); $pdf->SetLineWidth(0.5); $pdf->SetFillColor(255); $pdf->RoundedRect(112, 67, 90, 35, 2, 'DF'); //Draw the invoice delivery address text $pdf->SetFont('Arial','B',10); $pdf->SetTextColor(0); $pdf->Text(117,71,ENTRY_SHIP_TO); $pdf->SetX(0); $pdf->SetY(74); $pdf->Cell(115); $pdf->MultiCell(50, 3.3, tep_address_format(1, $order->delivery, '', '', "\n"),0,'L'); //Draw Box for Order Number, Date & Payment method $pdf->SetDrawColor(0); $pdf->SetLineWidth(0.5); $pdf->SetFillColor(224); $pdf->RoundedRect(3, 107, 199, 11, 2, 'DF'); //Draw Order Number Text $temp = str_replace(' ', ' ', PRINT_INVOICE_ORDERNR); $pdf->Text(7,113, $temp . tep_db_input($oID)); //Draw Customer Email Address $temp = str_replace(' ', ' ', PRINT_CUSTOMERS_EMAIL_ADDRESS); $pdf->Text(5,32,$temp . tep_db_input ($order->info['customers_email_address'])); //Draw Customer Telephone $temp = str_replace(' ', ' ', PRINT_CUSTOMERS_TELEPHONE); $pdf->Text(5,36,$temp . tep_db_input ($order->info['customers_telephone'])); //Draw Date of Order Text $temp = str_replace(' ', ' ', PRINT_INVOICE_DATE); $pdf->Text(75,113,$temp . tep_date_short($order->info['date_purchased'])); //Draw Payment Method Text $temp = substr ($order->info['payment_method'] , 0, 23); $pdf->Text(130,113,ENTRY_PAYMENT_METHOD . ' ' . $temp); //$pdf->Cell(198,29,ENTRY_PAYMENT_METHOD . ' ' . $temp, 0, 0, 'R'); //Fields Name position $Y_Fields_Name_position = 125; //Table position, under Fields Name $Y_Table_Position = 131; //First create each Field Name //Gray color filling each Field Name box $pdf->SetFillColor(232,232,232); //Bold Font for Field Name $pdf->SetFont('Arial','B',10); $pdf->SetY($Y_Fields_Name_position); $pdf->SetX(5); $pdf->Cell(10,6,'Qty',1,0,'C',1); $pdf->SetX(15); $pdf->Cell(25,6,TABLE_HEADING_PRODUCTS_MODEL,1,0,'C',1); $pdf->SetX(40); $pdf->Cell(80,6,TABLE_HEADING_PRODUCTS,1,0,'C',1); //$pdf->SetX(105); //$pdf->Cell(15,6,TABLE_HEADING_TAX,1,0,'C',1); $pdf->SetX(120); $pdf->Cell(20,6,TABLE_HEADING_PRICE_EXCLUDING_TAX,1,0,'C',1); $pdf->SetX(140); $pdf->Cell(20,6,TABLE_HEADING_PRICE_INCLUDING_TAX,1,0,'C',1); $pdf->SetX(160); $pdf->Cell(20,6,TABLE_HEADING_TOTAL_EXCLUDING_TAX,1,0,'C',1); $pdf->SetX(180); $pdf->Cell(20,6,TABLE_HEADING_TOTAL_INCLUDING_TAX,1,0,'C',1); $pdf->Ln(); //Show the products information line by line for ($i = 0, $n = sizeof($order->products); $i < $n; $i++) { $pdf->SetFont('Arial','',10); $pdf->SetY($Y_Table_Position); $pdf->SetX(5); $pdf->MultiCell(10,6,$order->products[$i]['qty'],1,'C'); $pdf->SetY($Y_Table_Position); $pdf->SetX(40); if (strlen($order->products[$i]['name']) > 40 && strlen($order->products[$i]['name']) < 50){ $pdf->SetFont('Arial','',8); $pdf->MultiCell(80,6,$order->products[$i]['name'],1,'L'); } else if (strlen($order->products[$i]['name']) > 50){ $pdf->SetFont('Arial','',8); $pdf->MultiCell(80,6,substr($order->products[$i]['name'],0,50),1,'L'); } else{ $pdf->MultiCell(80,6,$order->products[$i]['name'],1,'L'); } $pdf->SetFont('Arial','',10); //$pdf->SetY($Y_Table_Position); //$pdf->SetX(95); //$pdf->MultiCell(15,6,tep_display_tax_value($order->products[$i]['tax']) . '%',1,'C'); $pdf->SetY($Y_Table_Position); $pdf->SetX(15); $pdf->MultiCell(25,6,$order->products[$i]['model'],1,'C'); $pdf->SetY($Y_Table_Position); $pdf->SetX(120); $pdf->MultiCell(20,6,$currencies->format($order->products[$i]['final_price'], true, $order->info['currency'], $order->info['currency_value']),1,'C'); $pdf->SetY($Y_Table_Position); $pdf->SetX(140); $pdf->MultiCell(20,6,$currencies->format(tep_add_tax($order->products[$i]['final_price'], $order->products[$i]['tax']), true, $order->info['currency'], $order->info['currency_value']),1,'C'); $pdf->SetY($Y_Table_Position); $pdf->SetX(160); $pdf->MultiCell(20,6,$currencies->format($order->products[$i]['final_price'] * $order->products[$i]['qty'], true, $order->info['currency'], $order->info['currency_value']),1,'C'); $pdf->SetY($Y_Table_Position); $pdf->SetX(180); $pdf->MultiCell(20,6,$currencies->format(tep_add_tax($order->products[$i]['final_price'], $order->products[$i]['tax']) * $order->products[$i]['qty'], true, $order->info['currency'], $order->info['currency_value']),1,'C'); $Y_Table_Position += 6; } for ($i = 0, $n = sizeof($order->totals); $i < $n; $i++) { $pdf->SetY($Y_Table_Position); $pdf->SetX(100); $temp = substr ($order->totals[$i]['text'],0 ,3); //if ($i == 3) $pdf->Text(10,10,$temp); if ($temp == '<b>') { $pdf->SetFont('Arial','B',10); $temp2 = substr($order->totals[$i]['text'], 3); $order->totals[$i]['text'] = substr($temp2, 0, strlen($temp2)-4); } $pdf->MultiCell(100,6,$order->totals[$i]['title'] . ' ' . $order->totals[$i]['text'],0,'R'); $Y_Table_Position += 5; } // Draw the shipping address for label //Draw the invoice delivery address text // $pdf->SetFont('Arial','B',11); // $pdf->SetTextColor(0); //$pdf->Text(117,61,ENTRY_SHIP_TO); //$pdf->SetX(0); // $pdf->SetY(240); // $pdf->Cell(20); // $pdf->MultiCell(50, 4, strtoupper(tep_address_format(1, $order->delivery, '', '', "\n")),0,'L'); } // PDF's created now output the file $pdf->Output(); ?> And this is the code I added: //Draw Customer Email Address $temp = str_replace(' ', ' ', PRINT_CUSTOMERS_EMAIL_ADDRESS); $pdf->Text(5,32,$temp . tep_db_input ($order->info['customers_email_address'])); //Draw Customer Telephone $temp = str_replace(' ', ' ', PRINT_CUSTOMERS_TELEPHONE); $pdf->Text(5,36,$temp . tep_db_input ($order->info['customers_telephone'])); Anyone have any idea what needs to be fixed so it will work? Thanks in advance:
  16. I have installed the Batch Print Center and it seems to be working very well, however I would also like to be able to print the TIME the order was placed. I will be using the Integrated Packing template and I see the code for order date: // order date if ($HTTP_POST_VARS['show_order_date']) { $pdf->ezSetY($dup_y); $pdf->ezText("<b>" . TEXT_ORDER_DATE . " </b>" . date(TEXT_ORDER_FORMAT, strtotime($order->info['date_purchased'])) ."\n\n",SUB_HEADING_FONT_SIZE,array('justification'=>'right')); } $y -= 10; In the database table orders > date_purchased the format is YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS but it only prints the date but not the time. So how can I get it to display the time with the date? Thanks in advance, Bob G
  17. bobg7

    FedEx Shipping

    As of 10:43 am EST when I run a test order the FedEx module is sending back this message: Is anyone else seeing this message? It has happend before but cleared up within a few minutes, this has been hapening for over a full day.
  18. bobg7

    Paying for customer via Paypal?

    With a PayPal Business Account, you can signup and use there Virtual Terminal system. Then enable the Credit Card Module and add the CVV contribution. This way when a customer makes an order, you just login to your Virtual Terminal, enter there info and it will accept or decline the payment. You will also need to setup 2 additional Statuses via Admin > Localization > Order Status, one CC Accepted and one CC Declined. The payment will show on there credit card bill with your name and not PayPals. Unless your sitting and waiting for orders, there may be a delay between the time an order is placed and the time you process it with the Virtual Terminal but thats the price of not having a merchant account.
  19. I resolved the issue by removing this line: And suprisingly it all seems to be working ok.
  20. I have V3 installed and worked through most of the bugs so far, one I'm really having an issue with is when I delete an order I check the Restock and the Refund boxes and get the following error: Here is the lines from 127 to 134: // Account Balance Modif case 'deleteconfirm': $oID = tep_db_prepare_input($HTTP_GET_VARS['oID']); tep_remove_order($oID, $HTTP_POST_VARS['restock']); tep_add_customer_balance($oID, $HTTP_POST_VARS['account_balance'], $cID); tep_redirect(tep_href_link(FILENAME_ORDERS, tep_get_all_get_params(array('oID', 'action')))); break; // End Account Balance Modif For the life of me I can't figure out what's wrong. Any thoughts? Thanks
  21. bobg7

    PayPal Shopping Cart IPN v3.1.5

    Well, I finally broke down and installed the 'osCommmerce_PayPal_IPN_v1.2' contribution and it's working like a charm so I'm guessing there is a fault in the 'Paypal Shopping Cart IPN 3.1.5' contribution that needs to be addressed.
  22. bobg7

    PayPal Shopping Cart IPN v3.1.5

    I have been running the PayPal Shopping Cart IPN v3.1.5 for about a year now without any issues. Over the last few days I have noticed that the transaction details are not being passed back to osCommerce and changing the status from Pending to Processing like it's supposed to. All I get is the email from PayPal and no extra order email like before. Is anyone else having this problem with PayPal Shopping Cart IPN v3.1.5? If so have you found a resolution to it? I have contacted PayPal but have not heard back from them yet. Thanks in advance..
  23. Well, I finally broke down and installed the 'osCommmerce_PayPal_IPN_v1.2' contribution and it's working like a charm si I'm guessing there is a fault in the 'Paypal Shopping Cart IPN 3.1.5' contribution that needs to be addressed.
  24. I saw this message in another post, I hope it fixes it.
  25. bobg7

    PayPal Shopping Cart IPN v3.1.5

    I saw this message in another post, I hope it fixes it.