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  1. MreSailor

    Recurring Billing

    You may want to look at Agilebill, they recently open sourced it and I've used it for recurring billing for a couple months now. This may be a great solution to build into OSC for the non stop need for a recurring billing system. It does a lot of other billing functions as well. As a quick tip, they didn't open source the CC encryption module to store CC's in the db, you have to create your own. But the re-billing cron seems to work fine. http://agileco.com/agilebill-open-source-b...ng-software.htm
  2. MreSailor

    Having Problems with the New AIM Module

    I also can't get the a.net module to process, I get confirmation emails that test transactions process but both SIM & AIM modules report "Please try again and if problems persist, please try another payment method." This has been consistent with different versions of authorizenet_cc_aim.php & authorizenet_cc_sim.php I don't redirected to the success page. I'm changing my processing from ECHO and am wondering if something in my a.net settings is wrong. Anyone have any ideas, nothing I've found so far is working. I did notice that authorizenet_cc_aim was being returned in the error field, but changing the 'if' statement to filter that out hasn't fixed the problem.
  3. MreSailor

    Links Manager II

    I've just installed v1.16 (didn't see the 1.17 package). When manually adding a link from the admin, it keeps telling me category required when I select one of the existing categories I made in the drop down. When I create a new one, it works, I then have to go and switch the category back to the correct one after the fact. Is there a 1.17 patch and is this fixed? Thanks.
  4. We're trying to use the CCGV5.16 with downloads, when we supply a coupon for 4.95 for a 4.95 download the order total shows 0.00 but the credit card window is still there and we get a credit card error trying to 'continue' the order process. Isn't the credit card area supposed to go away for a 0.00 balance? As a side line if we use a 49.95 coupon for 10 downloads the order total shows 7.11 as a result of 49.95 -49.95=7.11 when it applies the 49.95 coupon????? Where does the CCGV contribution update the orders_status field?
  5. I've just installed CCGV5.16 with the 'bunch of fixes' contribution (with and without the rounding issues) The coupon function works fine as long as I don't try to have the coupon apply to the whole total. We're trying to give away 50.00 worth of downloads with a coupon value of 50.00 for a partnering solution. If the order total is 0 and you put in a credit card for the balance the status updates and the download controller allows downloads. If the total is equal to the coupon amount you still get asked for the credit card information even though the total amount "should be" 0. However the total amount isn't calculating to 0, it's coming up with a remaining balance as in x - x= 7.95 ??? Any ideas what could be causing this, or how to fix it. I'm guessing that the remaining balance due must be partially causing the credit card input to still be displayed. Again BUT: With smaller coupons or gv's where the order total is zero and we can get past the order confirmation but download link still doesn't show in the success page (it will show if the order was 5.00 and the coupon is 4.00 and we put in a credit card for 1.00). Any ideas would be helpfull we've got a deadline on this and if I can just figure out how to get the base orders_status updated corretly to allow downloads it would be a huge step forward. Thanks.