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  1. Graphicpoet

    [CONTRIBUTION] File uploads as an Option Feature

    I do not know if any questions are being answered off the board here but I have a question. I got the feature-.77 all installed and error FREE! it works like a charm. Theres on small problem however.....NOTHING uploads. I also have read thru the forum and I do have not encountered any link that says "View Now." Could someone please direct me in the correct direction to correct or figure out what is needed? THanks in Advance
  2. Graphicpoet


    Oh I am sorry. I thought I was replying directtly into a contribution area on the forum for the contribution that allows a customer to upload a file to your server per their customize order from your store. "Feature .77" So since I am here anyone with any help? thanks Graphicpoet
  3. Graphicpoet


    I have installed it twice and now i get the upload form with my product. Now my question is WHY after the order is placed the image uploaded seems to not upload? I know this may be a broad question but I sure would appreciate any help. Yes the my folder is located at images/upload it is chmod 777 is there a line or something I am missing cause I see no error messages anywere... thanks in advance graphicpoet
  4. hello, I hope someone can help me with this small issue. In the image below you will see a small powder blue square image and a space that is made to fit a infobox header title in. For the sake of design esthetics I would like to get this gone. I have tried to edit the "infopages.php" box page and no good results and the english. php with no success, any ideas?? :-" Thanks in advance
  5. Graphicpoet

    Credit Card Number Question?

    Hey I aint mad atcha .... cause your right. Thanks though let me see if I can find the information. And while your looking on here what is a more conventional way to secure such information other than relying on the so called Secure mode of powwebs offerings?
  6. I have chosen the split option for my store meaning. I get the inside digits to my email and the outside digits to the database. My question is how do I retrieve the digits from the database? Actually my store is still being designed but live and I am getting orders already so I would really appriciate a quick HINT!! Thanks from Graphicpoet
  7. I have about 80 products i need to re-apply their attributes but to do this by hand would be a nightmare. Is there any way to do this more efficiently?? Thanks Grapahicpoet
  8. I have installed everything as instructed. NOW. When I go to my admin area and try and make use of the contribution.... WELL? I get nothing ... NADA....no errors .. no new features... no way to sort ... no nothing! Can someone point me in the right direction. Thanks Graphicpoet
  9. Graphicpoet

    Products Attributes Sort v1.0

    Ok... now I am about to install THIS contribution. Before I do can someone tell me if it is a needed thing to have the "Weight Mod installed?" My siituation will never use this feature (WEIGHT). Graphicpoet
  10. Graphicpoet

    Products Attributes Sort v1.0

    I am not a code person at all I am a visual designer but even we have to think every now and then. (SMILE) I would suggest setting up your sorting as instructed... you know? s (sort 1) m (sort 2) L (sort 3) XL(sort 4) and in order to not do this for all the products you have? You need to download this contribution which I use. http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,1664/ hope this helps ..... THIS COPIES THE PRODUCT Attributes to other products you choose. it takes a little to install it but if you take your time and do not be impatient it should work for you...
  11. hello all I am having a problem keeping my dropdown menues in the proper sequence. for instance I want it to read. s m l xx xxx xxxx but after a while I get xxxx xxx xx l m s for no apparent reason and its on many products .... can someone please tell me how to cure this.... Thanks Graphicpoet...~
  12. Graphicpoet

    Is there a contribution that does this with...?

    Thanks very much.... I ended up using what you suggested ... I found it bundled with another feature i needed..... UPLOADING images .... it works like a dream..... LOts of errors at first but a few questions and its all up like magic..... :D Thanks again....
  13. Graphicpoet

    file feature 77 (Uploading Images to site)

    I have encountered a fatal error since installing the upload contribution. The admin side seems to be going great just need to get the sight back showing... Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class tablebox in /www/M/Mysight/root/Mystore/includes/classes/boxes.php on line 13 Thanks in advance...
  14. Graphicpoet

    Fatal error NEED help.

    I have encountered a fatal error since installing the upload contribution. The admin side seems to be going great just need to get the sight back showing... Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class tablebox in /www/M/Mysight/root/Mystore/includes/classes/boxes.php on line 13 Thanks in advance...
  15. Is there a contribution that adds a text box field to the product purchase box. I need to give the option up-front to give phrases or names to be put on product such as clothing, cups, mugs etc. Any thoughts Thanks Graphicpoet