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    [Contribution] Ship In Cart

    Hello, i this error message when i click on updade button after select another Country in drop-down menu: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare testpays() (previously declared in ***\ms2fr\catalog\includes\modules\shipping\colirap.php:50) in ***\ms2fr\catalog\includes\modules\shipping\colirap.php on line 50 one idea for declare this function one only time ? Thanks :thumbsup:
  2. mrmicro


    I use X-sell and discount mode, when i click on button "Buy now" a blank page appear. The probleme is not fixed in previous page, only the contrib work in online and a pb is not fixed! one idea for begin ? thanks
  3. mrmicro


    i a probleme, Individual Commission Pay Per Sale Payment % Rate don't work, the number is saved but nothing change, this is default Commission configured in "Affiliate Pay Per Sale Payment % Rate" keeped. sorry for english, i french!
  4. i would like use this module with a bouton buy now and price. are you this modified version ?
  5. i fixed the bug in catalog/includes/functions/cache.php search for: function tep_cache_categories_box add ,$foo,$id,$aa the function will look like this: function tep_cache_categories_box($auto_expire = false, $refresh = false) { global $cPath, $language, $languages_id, $tree, $cPath_array, $categories_string,$foo,$id,$aa; Enable your cache if not enabled it's all!
  6. mrmicro

    Custom Computer Creator v9 Support

    i installed version 9.3, all works corretly, except after order nothing appear in "Pending Builds" in admin menu. no probleme in account_history_info.php all appear correctly i would like take the similar info in account_history_info.php for build the PC because in the order (in admin) only "custom" appear Sorry for my english i french please help me for fix it!
  7. When I turn on the cache option (in admin) the category list does not show on the index.php page. i reset boxe categorie. the pb persist. it possible to modifie cache.php for ignore boxe categorie ? thanks
  8. mrmicro

    Custom Computer Creator v9 Support

    i upload and remplace the file on the server and it works fine now! :-"
  9. mrmicro

    Custom Computer Creator v9 Support

    i have this message in chargement of build.php 1146 - Table 'my62376.ccc' doesn't exist SELECT ccc_cname FROM ccc Order BY ccc_id [TEP STOP] help please admin works fine