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  1. Great contribution to all who have pulled this discount/voucher class together. I've been using it for a couple of weeks now and would like to make some comments for future development considerations. 1.) Allow for Automatic Discout Coupons to be redeemed through links: This would only be allowed for discounts that don't need a user to be logged in; such as a general 15% off discount. The trick here would be to create the store session and then bring the user into the store from an outside page or advertisement. 2.) Shopping Cart Confusions: Some users have told us that the cart pricing was misleading, as it shows the full price. We added the following note to logic of the cart and it seemed to help. Note: Pricing shown is full price. Your fully discounted / adjusted total will be shown on the confirmation page, prior to completing your order. It would be great to be able to integrate the discount module into the shopping cart to display the discount pricing. This might create issues with the shippnig/tax logic. The idea would be to show the full price with a red line through it. Then show the discounted price after that. This would all take place in the shopping cart, not in the order process. I "really" think this would help drive sales! 3.) Billing Information Page: Again, more "wording" needs to be added for people who are too stupid to figure out the obvious. Also, I moved the credit/discount section up above the payment method section. Shipping & Sales Tax: I can see the reason for the free shipping, but why is the sales tax involved in the calculation? I would assume that discounts/vouchers are pre-tax to give the user the best deal.