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  1. riley1917

    PayPal IPN - Stock subtracted twice

    I used a contrib IPN. When I use the standard one, nothing is subtracted at all. Now, I also have QT Pro installed, and when I use QT Pro and have Products Attributes used (Sizes, etc.), the correct number(s) are subtracted. Only when this is not used is something fouling up. And yes, only through PayPal.
  2. riley1917

    PayPal IPN - Stock subtracted twice

    It goes to checkout_success.php. Maybe it's something in there?
  3. riley1917

    PayPal IPN - Stock subtracted twice

    Have a strange problem here. When a customer is adding to his cart and then checking out (and being sent to the PayPal side, 1 unit is subtracted. This is correct. However, when the customer completes his purchase, ANOTHER unit is subtracted. Any thoughts on why this is happening, and/or where I can fix this? Thanks!
  4. When orders are being made 2 pieces are being deducted from stock. Any ideas? I'm using 4.2 and PayPal IPN
  5. riley1917

    Authorize.net v. Quickbooks CC

    In your experience, what has served you better? Can anyone give me somes positives and/or negatives to either that you've encountered? Thanks in advance
  6. riley1917

    Paypal Module

    Thanks Al. I'm using that one currently. It works great for everything, except the stock reduction, which is where I'm still stuck. To be fair, I don't know if this was a problem before I installed it or not.
  7. riley1917

    PayPal (w/ IPN) not subtracting from Stock!

    Yep, I do.
  8. Everything is working great, save for the stock not being subtracted. One caveat is that I have QTPro installed as well...possible conflict? Any ideas? This one is killin me! TIA
  9. riley1917

    [Contribution]Paypal IPN - Devosc

    This happened to me on an order today as well. The customers order was put into my database, but he never paid.
  10. riley1917

    Paypal Module

    I'm having this problem as well. Any fix?