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  1. Sorry, no. This is Brian Lowe, posting under his company name "Group BCL". I wrote the Category Descriptions mod, and it appears I'm still the maintainer :D. The README file for the latest version of the mod is now out of date. As of two weeks ago I have started a full time job. Which unfortunately leaves me with even less time to put into maintaining Category Descriptions. So, while it's not in the spirit of open source software such as OS Commerce, I have been asking people for a financial contribution to cover off the estimated 10 hours of work I estimate it will take me to get this working. That includes the time required to download and install MS2, update the source with the patches posted in this thread, test it, update the documentation, build a new package, and upload it. Usually I get replies along the lines of "Sorry, but I'm just starting out myself and can't afford to pay you." Which is quite understandable. Being marginally employed for two years has also stretched my bank account rather thin. Yes, I will eventually get around to updating my mod to work with MS2, if no one steps forward first with a bit of money. When, I can't say for sure. It's summer here in Canada, and with summers as short as they are in this part of the world I'm not very willing to give up a weekend at the beach to work on my mod 8)
  2. What's happend is the functions is_uploaded_file and tep_copy_uploaded_file have been replaced with a new object-oriented function called upload(): if ($categories_image = new upload('categories_image', DIR_FS_CATALOG_IMAGES)) { tep_db_query("update " . TABLE_CATEGORIES . " set categories_image = '" . $categories_image->filename . "' where categories_id = '" . tep_db_input($categories_id) . "'"); } Hope this helps.
  3. The author has contacted me by email on this subject, and I've investigated the issue and replied back to him. The bad news is: the code for admin/categories.php has changed yet again. And I won't be able to update my contribution until at least mid-May; I'm too busy right now to look at it. :( Brian
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    I'm the author of the Categories Description mod, so I'll toss in my two cents. As far as I know, the 1.1 version does work with Milestone 1. I have MS1 on my home computer, and tested it, and it works for me. However, if I'm the only person to get it working with MS1, then it's because I'm too familiar with the code to notice subtle things when I'm applying my own patches. I've emailed my version of admin/categories.php to three or four people after they've said they can't get it to work. What has been the track record of people applying the mod to MS1? Have any who have tried it been successful? As far as the current snapshot goes, there was a change made mid-April where the code to handle an uploaded file (in this case, the category image) was changed to an object called upload. This has caused confusion among people trying to apply the 1.1 version, because a line of code in the README that says "look for this line ...." no longer exists. I'm still working on fixing that, and (sorry) no promises on when I'll get version 1.2 uploaded. [ego mode=on]Anyone know if the mod is being considered for inclusion in the base code?[/ego] Brian Lowe