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  1. Desertsky

    Paypal Forces Address onto packing slip

    Bump! This is a big problem for me as Paypal has more address lines than oscommerce so some lines are getting dropped on the shipping labels. Oscommerce needs to be fully aligned with Paypal as far as address configuration is concerned.
  2. Is there any way to switch off Paypal Express changing the shipping address during checkout? Some people aren't keeping their Paypal addresses up to date and they also do not inform me of the change. Product is getting shipped and not received or returned.
  3. Desertsky

    Paypal Forces Address onto packing slip

    I would like to know this as well. Many times the Paypal address is entered with characters from other language sets and it really screws up my shipping labels.
  4. Desertsky

    Bundled Products

    This is a great contribution and is working perfectly on my site, www.rc-bearings.com One thing I noticed is that you need to set the bundled part as QTY 1 or the inventory doesn't work right. One thing that needs to be added is to have all the products in a bundle show up in the Products Purchased report. Right now it only shows the kit as being sold. I would rather use this report to show me how many individual items are going out the door rather than the kits that are sold. Any help with this?
  5. Desertsky

    Voupons and shipping

    GREAT Contribution! Works like a charm (most of the time) and does exactly what I need. The problem I have, and it is relatively minor, is when a discount coupon is used and it drops the price below a break point for shipping, it gives an "error" stating that shipping price has changed and makes the customer go through that page again in the checkout. It also reduces the shipping to the lower amount. I have tried moving everything around in the Order Total module and just about every other switch I could find but no luck. I haven't seen this error mentioned on this forum yet so mine may be an unique situation. Like I said, it is an annoyance more than anything else as the shipping amount isn't that important at that price level. I installed it using the auto install feature. Anyone have any suggestions?
  6. Desertsky

    Additional Orders Info

    I am looking for a contribution, or instructions, for putting the shipping method on the packing slip. This one seems to indicate that but is not real clear. Can you help?
  7. Desertsky

    Weight Shipping

    The weight fields work like this: weight:cost,weight:cost, etc The first weight you put in will be from zero to that weight and the cost after the colon will be the cost for that weight range. Say you had this on that field: .01:0.00,100:3.50,200:4.50 What that would mean is anything under .01 would cost nothing. Anything between .01 and 100 would cost 3.50, and anything between 100 and 200 would cost 4.50. Cover all the ranges you need and make sure you go high enough to cover any reasonable order. Make sure you have a last one in there with a ridiculous weight and cost such as 100000;9999 to alert you to weight problems with your catalog items and to discourage credit card fraud.
  8. Is there a contribution that works with customer data like easypopulate works for products? I need to transfer customer data to a new install that has different contributions installed so I can't just use a database backup. Thanks for any help.
  9. Desertsky

    ADMIN login error

    If you install this contrib to a fresh OSC install, you may get this error if you just copy the files: Then check your: admin/includes/database_tables.php file. it is probably missing this: define('TABLE_ADMINISTRATORS', 'administrators'); Here is where the missing code should be:
  10. Desertsky

    Bundled products

    Found it waaaay back on page 4. Just ignore me! ;^)
  11. Desertsky

    Bundled Products

    I found the problem! The file admin/includes/database_tables.php is missing the define('TABLE_ADMINISTRATORS', 'administrators'); lildog, can you add this to your contribution please?
  12. Desertsky

    Bundled Products

    I have the same error. It happened after I made the SQL changes. I went into the admin/login.php and changed all the TABLE_ADMINISTRATORS to TABLE_administrator and I got the same error but with lower case. Is there a way to undo the SQL changes easily? Actually, it just might be easier to reinstall OSC again.
  13. Desertsky

    Bundled products

    NO ONE here knows how to do this???
  14. Desertsky

    Bundled products

  15. Desertsky

    Bundled products

    The list really isn't random. It sorts alphabetically based on the Products Model. At least it does on mine! ;)