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  1. wishx

    HTMLArea v3.0

    I'm using the AABOX distribution of OSCommerce which came with MaxiDVD's WYSIWYG HTMLArea 1.7. I'd like to use HTMLAREA 3.0 instead. Does anyone know how I would go about using HTMLAREA 3.0 instead of MaxiDVD's contribution? Remember, I didn't install the MaxiDVD contrib. It came with AABOX's distribution. AABOX also uses BTS template system. Thanks! WishX
  2. It must be impossible, eh?
  3. No one has a solution for this?
  4. Hello, I have a question about the Improve Product Attributes/Item Editor contribution. After installing this contribution, I noticed the boxes with the selectable attributes is 5 lines long and hard-coded into the contribution. For some attributes, I have 3 options, for others I have 10 or more. The boxes remain at 5 lines and I either have 2 lines of blank white space or have to scroll down through the box to find options. Is there a way to have this contribution "read" the amount of attribute options for each attribute and automatically make that given box however long or short it needs to be? For example, if an attribute has 2 options, the box is 2 lines long holding both options. If there are 10 options, the box will be 10 lines long. The appropriate line in the contribution that sets the boxes to 5 lines is here: echo '<select multiple name="attributes[]" size=5 style="width: 136;">'; The contribution is here: http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri.../search,improve Note: This contribution was originally by Andrew Backway, This contrubution is NOT the same as "Product Attributes/Item Editor/Price v. 1" by Arnold Gamboa. Thank you.
  5. I installed this mod and, oddly enough, it didn't change anything. I still have to text links for pages at the top of every page that requires them. I'm using AABox MAX version of OSC with BTS. Any ideas? WishX
  6. wishx

    Attribute Sets Contribution

    Can you post some screen captures so we can see what it looks like before installing it?
  7. wishx

    Quick price update

    I don't know if this will reach it's intended audience (the current and previous authors/contributors), but I have to say this is the single best mod I've installed for osCommerce yet... and I have a heavily modded shop. :) Excellent work, folks! Two thumbs up!