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  1. I'm shocked this isn't asked more often as it seems like a problem everyone would have. Then again maybe I'm missing an obvious solution that is right in front of my nose. :) USPS Global Flat Rate Shipping isn't based off of how much something weighs but how much you can fit into an envelope. But, and here's the catch, something that weighs very little might not fit into a "Flat Rate (small)" envelope. Question: So what happens when someone buys something from me, choses the lowest shipping option (which in this case is the 'flat rate (small)' envelope) and then the item doesn't fit into a small envelope??? Answer: I take it out the nose in shipping costs. The question is, how do I fix this? How can I still offer USPS Global Flat Rate Shipping without this offer of a type of shipping which I can't realistically use, being offered to my customers? Is there some way to enter measurements and have shipping offered to the customer that goes along with what sort of package the item could realistically fit into? I'm REAL puzzled on this one and I can't open my store to the public until I get it fixed as I am expecting a large portion of my business to be from international orders. If anyone knows how to handle this... PLEASE... share. I'll adore you and worship your name forever... *WRY GRIN* Or something like that. *hugs* -Dee Wanna-be WebMistress
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    Seperate Pricing Per Customer v3.5

    Hey Marvin, Okay... the site I'm putting this on has no other mods and is all but a nice shiny new version of OSC. So, I should just edit as the "new install" instructions say, upload the files and that's that? Thanks so much for your help! *big hugs* :P
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    Seperate Pricing Per Customer v3.5

    I'm reading through this and preparing to install 4.1 (after a back up of my database of course!) and as I'm going through and beginning to edit the pages I'm noticing that it seems it's asking me to add lines of code which already seem to be there. I'm wondering if someone went through and added code to some of the pages already. I'm not sure how doubling up on the code will effect this if I try to run it so I'm figuring its better to ask now and be safe rather than sorry later. I appriciate your help!
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    USPS Global Flat Rate w/out getting burned!

    Thank you, I appriciate the tip and the information. I wish there was some way to make it work though. We sell such a varity of things picking one method of shipping over another is really not the best thing for our business... though I suppose we have little choice otherwise. *shrugs* Anyway, thanks again and if anyone out there would like to share otherways they've handled this issue... I'd love to hear all about it! *big hugs* -Dee