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  1. Hi RE Links Manager - installed and working ok ( I am also using seo urls contrib ) ..BUT the link url generated in the confirmation email is seo friendly /Internet-Services-links-16.html .. which produces a 404 not found error The actual link url of the link category is /links.php?lPath=16 I have tried cache and seo settings every which way and reset seo links..but with no luck What am I doing wrong ? Cheers Roy
  2. Is it possible to - when using Table rates - to have a list of rates / charges to a defined kg weight then to add .28p per kg from there on ? ie table rate for up to 1kg ?1 then 1kg- 2 kg ?1.50 2kg - 4 kg ?2 then all extra kg's @ .28p
  3. fatbloke

    activate shipping / zones

    Hi I have never gotten my head around shipping and zones settings I have installed the royal mail pricing contribution and the UK counties contribution. The default countries are still visible although I only want UK BUT the cart at checkout says Shipping is not available for this item ..what have I set wrong - or not set. I have tried alternating the taxable goods option in the shipping module Thanks Roy
  4. Forgive me for being so stupid - I expect this is a realy silly question.. java script:emoticon(":'(", smilie I have installed Multi store contrib and all seems fine .. Whilst using the INSERT option to add a new store I do not understand what goes the input box for "Stores Config Table:" the box is ticked for "Insert default configuration table?" Thanks in advance
  5. fatbloke

    Make CC radio box selected by default

    Hi I use the Credit Card - Postal Cheque - PayPal payment modules None of the Radio Boxes are selcted by default but I want to make the Credit Card module Radio Button selected as default ..where and how do I do this ? Thanks in advance
  6. fatbloke

    Google Analytics module

    Hi I want to add the new Google Analytics code to my pages - hopefully to track every cart page - the instructions are Copy the following code block into every webpage you want to track. Click in the box below to select all code. Next, copy it. Then, paste the code segment after the <head>, <meta> tags and before the </head> tag on each page you are planning to track. The code is <script src="http://www.google-analytics.com/urchin.js" type="text/javascript"> </script> <script type="text/javascript"> _uacct = "xxxxxxxx"; urchinTracker(); </script> What file do I add this code to ? I tried /catalog/index.php but that does not show the code in view source on product pages Thanks Roy
  7. fatbloke

    SecPay tick default / pass order no

    Hi I cant see how / where to make the Secpay payment option radio box selected by default ..even if I make it order 0 its not selected I woold also like to pass the oscomm order number through so that it shows on the card status email i get from secpay ..any ideas ? Thanks in advance Roy
  8. Great job How do I run the gz compression option ?
  9. fatbloke

    Make CC radio box selected by default

    Hi Terry ( Dudette ) That worked fine .....and first time .... thanks a million :thumbsup: I have been trying to do that for weeks
  10. fatbloke

    Make CC radio box selected by default

    there must be a way to do this and some clever dude that will let me into the secret .. PLEASE ;-)
  11. fatbloke

    How do I set default payment to CC

    I am using 3 payment modules C-Card / PayPal / Post Cheque I want the C-Card Radio Box to be checked as Default in checkout Even If I set the order to 0 - 1 -2 etc in payment admin the C/Card box is not checked .. how / where do I do that ? Thank you
  12. We collect - ioncube encrypted - card details and process manually through a pdq machine. Oscomm is not accepting / verifying various valid card types so we are loosing orders how can I stop oscomm checkout veryfing / rejecting cards Thanks
  13. fatbloke

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    Hi What exactly does this install instruction comment mean ? 9) For the Feeder System Admin Control Panel (Not Recommended: Optional) Does it mean that its not recommended to install the Admin Control Panel ? Sorry if I am missing something - the comment is not clear to my logic ( I dont have much ) Thanks Roy
  14. I have set a table for shipping based on item qty. But oscom still adds Best Way ?5 to orders and ignores my table ..any ideas ? Thanks roy
  15. I have just installed the Actual Attribute Price V1.0 contribution Since then some - well most - items addded to basket are priced at 0.00 I have deleted all items / catagories and re added them but some problem Any one got a fix for this .. I didnt back up the files the contrib over writes :blush: It may be a coincidnce about installing the contribution .. not sure
  16. I want to charge a different order delivery / per consignment rate per catagory I.E. Catagory 1 .... ?45 - with some UK regional differences ( 3 sets of UK counties ) Catagory 2 .... ?25 all UK areas Catagory 3 ... ?2.50 all UK areas If customers buys from more than one catagory .. rates are added together Is this possible ..and of course how ? Thanks Roy
  17. Hi I have product 3 catagories and I want each catagory to have its own shipping charge Just simply : Cat 1 fixed single charge under ?x order value ...then free if over that value Cat 2 fixed single charge under ?x order value ....then free if over that value Cat 3 fixed single charge under ?x order value ...then free if over that value If sales are of mixed catagory items then the highest charge applies is there a contribution / mod for this anywhere ?