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  1. chahinemm

    Current AUctions V2.0

    i have a problem when i go to as u can go too. http://www.pegasuspologear.com/polo/auction_listings.php the part that says bid now should not appear because the product is already completed and even shipped and delivered. can any1 tell me how to fix that.so if the product is completed it shows maybe that the bid is over or something of the sort. thnx chahinemm
  2. chahinemm

    Current AUctions V2.0

    great scripts mkes life easy but have one concern... i have this site... Pegasuspologear The problem i have is when i sell stuff or auctions through ebay it does not create a bestseller entry when i manually say that the auction is complete.i don't have PWA (note to myself got to install that).. i don't know what is the matter.... any1 have had that problem... or might know how to fix it? u will not see the auction any where on my site because i have decided to not postit on my site yet bt its coming soon... thnx :) chahine
  3. hello every1 i just started using this mod but i have one question that im not sure what to do with... i want to be able to process credit cards imidietly over the phone...i use check2out feature.... im a bit a newbie the only thing i see in my manual order is as follows -bank transfer payments -paypal -check money order -purchase order -how do i add credit card on the list for live processing???i hope some1 can help... this feature has helped me a lot and alot of my customers are showing it by making me more money :D chahine