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  1. I'm sure now that it is different - the one I have allows the happy hour price but also has a reserve auction element too - that's the bit I'm interested in. It came off the contributions site and is called 'Now or never! - The price hammer box (dutch auction)' - if I get anything to do what I expect, I'll post back to this thread.
  2. Thanks for the response. I think I have a different version of the contributuon, I cannot locate '95' or 'product_query2' in the install.txt file. Seems to be working now (to a degree) in that index.html is showing a hammer price product in the box. I do find the descending price quite strange though, in that if you refresh the page, it counts down from the full price again. I was expecting to get a price reflecting how far through the auction it was, not always starting at full price - this means that two or more potential customers would see two or more different prices at the same time - have I missed something here or am I expecting too much of it?
  3. HI wheeloftime, you seem to be the top dog for hhsp! I'm struggling too to get this to work properly; the tep_get_products_special_price section isn't mentioned in my install.txt - i've searched for it and while general.php has many amendments, I can't see that bit. I'm also a bit unsure what should be seen within the price hammer box, should a reduced price show as well as the normal price. Grateful of any help you can offer.
  4. Take a look at issue 3 at... http://blogs.oscommerce.com/yesudo/index.p...owentry&eid=306
  5. red_snapper

    Easy Populate : cannot upload

    Anatolius, I too have had this problem, searched the database and found little to help. So I had a go myself. Now, while I work in IT (indeed e-procurement), I have little experience with osCommerce but have found that the following is working for me. Where you see 'catalog' in the pathname on the error, I checked and have no physical directory called 'catalog'. I believe this to be a generic name for the top-level directory. So, as my top level directory is 'enteropenevents', I changed the configuration settings in easypopulate.php for $tempdir and $tempdir2, changing 'catalog' to 'enteropenevents'. I can now load ok, hope it works for you.