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  1. BigJim

    Register Globals Support

    Ahum, could anyone be so kind to at least look into the matter? Is it something I am doing wrong or is OSC just not suitable to run on a Linux machine? >_< 'cause if so I'll have to search for annother source progranm that will. B)
  2. BigJim

    Register Globals Support

    This fixed the display problem...However now I can not add any Catalog entries in the databae thru the admin section. After the installations the Catergory section displays 0 and so does the Product section. Upon adding a catergory it still displays 0. Above code is a work around Madman81 came with. I have apllied the patch 3 times..Carefully checking whether I did not make any mistake !! But the vague thing is...It works fine on a Win2k3 server with the Register_globals=OFF . So I am begiining to wonder whether it isn't a 'rights' matter..
  3. BigJim

    Register Globals Support

    Help please...anyone??
  4. BigJim

    Register Globals Support

    After applying the latest patch to the OsCommerce install files I was able to install the software succesfully without any Register_Globals errors or what so ever. I then deleted the install dir en reassigned the rights on both configure.php files to read only. However..When I try to log in on the admin section a blank page is displayed and nothing more. When connecting to the catalog/idex.php I first (and only once) get to see the default page. However, after clicking on a random link a ..Blank page. When returning back to the index of 'catalog' once again a blank empty page is displayed. Afeter restarting my browser the same ritual repeats it self. First I get to see the default page and then nothing more. catalog/admin same deal...an empty blank page. No errors, it just won't open. Could someone please point me in a direction as to what might be the cause of this weird problem? >_< Test Page