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  1. Hi Jack, Thanx for your reply. That did the trick ! I now got a pull down-menu with all the pages. Thanx.
  2. I don't know if someone else had this problem before, but I've installed the latest HTC and everything is working fine except Page Control. It doesn't display any page. I just get a pull down-menu behind "Select an option" with the options "Select a file", "Show All Files" and "Add missing page", but none of my actual page like index.php are showing up. Now my index.php file is displaying "Replace me in Page Control" and I can't do anything about this. Does anyone have the solution for this?
  3. Hi Jim, The new version is working fine for me. Just wanted to let you know. Regards, Marcus
  4. Hi Jim, It seems like a bug in pathinfo() 'cause the script itself is correct. What Boboo just did is simply removed the PHP function and created one of it's own. It has the same result so simply it could not fail. Apparently pathinfo() should be the issue here. Regards, Marcus
  5. Hi Jim & Boboo, It might be the exact thing, but for me it's a bug fix 'cause finally I can see my download-files on documents.php. Something I couldn't do for so long and Jim didn't find the clue either. So Boboo: keep up the good work. And thanx anyone (especially Jim for writing this great contribution !). Kind regards, Marcus
  6. Hi Dennis, no I haven't solved it yet, but I haven't been able to work on it yet. As soon as I found the issue, I will report this here. Regards, Marcus
  7. Hi, I just can't get documents.php to work fine. Nothing works. Even removing the .htaccess file. I just don't get it why modules/documents.php is working fine and catalog/documents.php isn't. marcus
  8. Hi Jim, I don't understand what you mean by 'both of those pages are showing broken image links'. On product_info.php the links are working fine and anyone can download the pdf-files. But on documents.php the links are not working fine. So there's nothing wrong with configure.php. I have these 2 lines added to configure.php just like the instructions said: define('DIR_WS_DOCUMENTS', 'documents/'); define('DIR_FS_CATALOG_DOCUMENTS', DIR_FS_CATALOG . 'documents/'); Also in the admin everything is working fine, so it's just the file shop/documents.php which indicates to have a problem. I just don't understand what's wrong.... kind regards, Marcus
  9. Hi Jim, I've installed the whole contribution again, but still I have issues with displaying the downloads on catalog/documents.php. In product_info.php the downloads are available and ready for download (you can see the link and it actually works). But on the documents.php-page the problem still exists that only the extension of the file is being displayed but not the actual file itself and therefor the link also doesn't work. I haven't changed a bit at catalog/documents.php or includes/modules/documents.php so I really don't understand. Please take a look at my store: Documents-page itself where the downloads don't work and A product where the downloads work kind regards, marcus
  10. Hi there, does anyone know if it is possible to have a history of viewed/downloaded files? Just like you have with the products I would like to know how many times some files where downloaded. marcus
  11. Nope, nothing. That's the weird part. marcus
  12. Hi Jim, everything looks fine. in the database (see image below) is everything correct. here's what I see in the catalog: marcus
  13. Hi Jim. I think that was one problem solved: after clicking on the left box the page opened with documents.php?type=7 and now I saw the documents. BUT it seems that the documents aren't shown correctly. I have three pdf-files within one category but only one is showing up with a title, but with 3 pdf-file links. Except that the links are to .pdf instead of document1.pdf. Who to solve this second issue? Marcus
  14. Hi there, Thanx for this great contribution. It's just what I needed ! But I have a question. I've uploaded three pdf-files so far and tried several ways to display them. Everything is working, but they're not displayed on documents.php in the catalog root. The file is displaying the message that no documents can be found. I don't have 'Show Categories in List' set to true, but even when I associate the documents to a specific product, it still doesn't show up. Therefor I think I might have a problem with just the file document.php When associating the documents to a product it's working fine on product_info.php. I can see the download and it works even well. Can anyone tell my why it's not showing up on documents.php? Kind regards, Marcus
  15. Hi there, I've got a question about paying shipping by points. I don't want that the customer can use points to pay for shipping. I've got a few orders where the payment is zero euro's. The customers had enough points to pay for the products they want to buy as well as the shipping costs so they didn't have to pay for the orders ! I'm fine with the idea that the customer can pay their products with points so that the subtotal is set to 0.00, but I still want the customer to pay for the shipping costs. I've found out in includes/functions/redemptions.php that the line with TEP_CALC_SHOPPING_PVALUE is the one which is presenting the total amount. Does anyone know if it is possible to change this function so that shippings costs are not calculated in this function? I can't seem to find it myself. marcus