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  1. westkoast

    Verisign Issues

    We are having the same problem too. Any idea on when some kind of fix will come out?
  2. westkoast

    error on verisign payment

    I just noticed we are having the same problem. Has anyone found a simple solution yet?
  3. westkoast


    I've got a quick question on this mod. I've got it running but when I make a test sale I get this under: Afiliates / Sales When the screen shows it says "Deleted (Admin)" under Status. I don't know why its defaulting on this value. Can anyone help me with this?
  4. westkoast

    Packing slip and shipping label forms

    I can format it, but if the label chages (the barcode part) everytime, that makes things a little harder. Basically just have 3 links in the admin tool: USPS slip, UPS slip, FEDex slip. and format the dynamically generated name, address, order info to print properly on the label...thats pretty easy
  5. westkoast

    Packing slip and shipping label forms

    for people who print their own bar codes for UPS...what do they entail? What info does the barcode hold...your acct info, the address, etc? Unless the barcode chages for all orders, it seems like it'd be pretty easy to create an html page that lays the OSC info out perfectly to print in the correct places.