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  1. ouch! guess what. if i select 3 products, the comparison loops 3 times around the PEFs. can someone advise what i should look for in the compare.php file to debug this? thanks tom
  2. hi all: i'm suffering from a case where all my products extra fields (PEF) are being compared twice. it seemed the comparison looped twice for me. i have about 20 PEFs for each product. it would compare all 20 PEFs and then compare the same 20 PEFs the second time. strange!!! the basic comparisons, i.e. model, price, name, etc ... are working fine. did anyone get the same results i got?
  3. donnam

    [Contribution] Ship In Cart

    I got my site to work now. Because I suspected that the CARTSHIP_ONOFF was not being read, I went into Admin and disabled "Shipping and Order Total Estimate". Then, I enabled it again. Works great. Great contribution. Many thanks. Tom :D
  4. donnam

    [Contribution] Ship In Cart

    While some of us declared victory and praised the contrib, I fell victim similarly to blucollarguy and blkg35coupe. The shipping estimator doesn't show up for me whether the user is logged in or not. I'm using SICversion 2.0 on MS2<br> <br> To debug, I took the "if (CARTSHIP_ONOFF) condition out of shopping_cart.php and require shipping_estimator.php unconditionally. Then, the shipping estimator showed up only for the user who was logged in. I never got to see the country, state, or zip entry fields.<br> <br> Please shed your wisdom on us. This is an awesome contrib but it isn't working on my site. <a href:"http://donnam.com">donnam.com</a>.