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  1. Warning: main(includes/sts_product_info.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /atexvhxu/www.atenzio.de/catalog/includes/sts_display_output.php on line 134 I checked line 134 in my sts_product_info.php. Then I inserted a path like this: ///////////////////////////////////////////// ////// if product_info.php load data ///////////////////////////////////////////// if ($scriptbasename == 'languages/german/product_info.php') { require(STS_PRODUCT_INFO); } After I uploaded the changed file, the warning message didn't show up again. Instead the product info page showed up (generated from the sample template). Everything looked fine except the content area. Instead of the content only the variables appeared. Then I copied my sts_template.html to the sts_templates directory, and renamed it to replace the old product_info.php.html file. And guess what - it works! I'm not sure if I solved the problem the right way, but maybe someone of you guys can tell me? Cheers, Tim
  2. Hi there, I'm facing exactly the same problem as described below. Meanwhile I've searched the whole forum, but I couldn't find a solution for my prob. I really hope that there is someone out there who can help me, because I spent already a couple of weeks on this problem, and I really don't know what to do. So pleeeeaase, give me a hint! Cheers, Tim