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  1. I've followed the install instructions and everything was installed correctly... then when I go into OSC admin and try the install from that end this is what I get:


    Quickbooks Import QBI


    Database table upgrades successfull. Now you must go to the configuration page.

    1) Recheck your configuration options and configure new options.

    2) Click "Update" at the bottom of the page.

    Note: You must click update to finish the upgrade, even if you did not change any settings!


    Now you must go to the configuration page.



    ^ The above is a link to the configuration page but when I click it it just reloads the same page the is displayed above... no way to configure qbi


    please helps, thanks!


    I had this same issue and none of the actaal SQL tables or anything else had been added, so I did that through phpMyAdmin and used the appropriate file from the installation; in my case the SQL file qbi_0-00_2-10


    Good Luck

  2. Okay, after a brief search through this topic, I don't see a solution to my problem. The install seems to have gone through okay. Everything displays well when I do the check, but it will not e-mail out on the test account.


    After pressing e-mail it seems to refresh the page and show 'Uncontacted' as still checked.


    Any help would be greatly appreciated.




    I am having this same issue, has anyone figured out the error?