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  1. creationsbykate

    PDF Invoice Column Width

    Can anybody please advise how to change column width for the PDF Invoice contribution. I can move the columns using the X and Y setting, hoever cannot seem to workout where to increase the size. 1 Column (Product number) is wrapping onto the row below Thanks
  2. creationsbykate

    Post Satchels

    Hi, ondering if anybody has a way of selecting prepaid satchels as a shipping option, basically, anything up to 500grams one price, 500g to 3kg another price, I tried this using the table, but had no luck, does it accept decimal places eg .5 as 500g Any ideas
  3. creationsbykate

    Australia Post module

    Hi, Just wondering if you had any luck with the austpost mod, Im also getting strange figures $5.82, and when I do a check on the austpost website i get different prices. Also do you know if it possible to offer satchels such as 500g and 3kg Richard