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  1. Still looking for this contrib. Delivery info, payment info, confirmation on one page? not sure what its called, still:))
  2. Has anyone worked out how to validate the text fields so they can't be left blank when adding to cart.:)? Thanks mes
  3. Yet another question by the resident question master:) Is there any way to alter the file upload feature to check for image resolution, along with the file type of the image? thanks again.. mes
  4. Earlier on it was explained how to make a file upload compulsery, is there any way of making a text field compulsery? cheers mes
  5. Not to sure, but i'm assuming I need to insert a while clause infront of this bit of code? $products_name .= '<br>' . tep_image(DIR_WS_UPLOADS . $products[$i][$option]['products_options_values_name'], $products[$i][$option]['products_options_values_name'], 250, 150) . '<br>'; somthing edited here? while (list($option, $value) = each($products[$i]['attributes'])) thanks guys, mes
  6. Has anyone worked out how to make text fields mandetory, is there a simple peice of code that forces people to fill in fields before they can add to basket? Thanks for your help guys:) mes
  7. I have managed to get an image of the upload in the shopping cart from the discussion on page 5 ish. The trouble is it not only inserts an image for the upload it makes all attributes into images. Here is the code from my shopping_cart.php, I just cant seem to alter it to only display uploads. thanks guys,, mes while (list($option, $value) = each($products[$i]['attributes'])) { $products_name .= '<br><small><i> - ' . $products[$i][$option]['products_options_name'] . ' ' . $products[$i][$option]['products_options_values_name'] . '</i></small>'; $products_name .= '<br>' . tep_image(DIR_WS_UPLOADS . $products[$i][$option]['products_options_values_name'], $products[$i][$option]['products_options_values_name'], 250, 150) . '<br>';
  8. mes

    Paypal Sandbox account?

    I have signed up for a paypal sandbox account to get paypal IPN 1.1 working. I am guessing I now need to create a test account?, but which one premier, personal or business. It's all a bit tricky 4me:) Anyway, what do I need to do, n e ideas? thanks, mes...
  9. Its a contrib which puts all the create account and the order process on one page rather than clicking through pages. Anyone remember :thumbsup: cheers, mes
  10. I have installed the file feature addon, but when i insert the file upload atribute to a product the field always has the price displayed next to it even though there isnt one. The image below probably explains it better? I just dont want the ($0.00) displayed. any ideas? Problem Example Here Thanks Guys, mes
  11. Please could somone help me:-) Great feature but i need to have radio buttons listed in 2-3 columns rather than just 1. Any ideas where i can go to fix this? thanks mes
  12. When I insert an upload field i dont want to charge for an upload but it keeps a $0.00 price i need to get rid of. cheers mes
  13. This site has got radio buttons running with images next to them from within the option type feature. I cant seem to find the method of doing this? cheers mes
  14. Product option I can install both of these contribs, but i just cant get them to work together.. grrr.. Is there anyway of adding an image option to option type feature ? or does anyone have any idea how i can solve this? thanks guys mes
  15. This is a great feature but i also would like to run Options as Images contribution, can these two be merged? Thanks.. mes