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  1. Is it normally a good idea to show the session id information on the web page anyway ? Arent we just interested in passing the id at the application level and not displaying it for all to see. Is it just my understanding of session ids that if someone gets a hold of your session id while your session is open that they could technically hijack the session. Just a question. ikhan42
  2. ikhan42

    STS problem

    It is in the catalog directory the problem isnt that the page doesnt work its just that the links for the PHP scripts dont work all I see is the $name for example $categories, $myaccount etc etc. Ikhan42
  3. ikhan42

    STS problem

    Hello everyone, I have downloaded the STS software version 3 and have installed it when I use the default sts.html file I dont see any thing more than the category names IE $categorybox, $searchbox etc etc ut when I load up the pahe it doesnt come up with the boxes any ideas ? ikhan42
  4. ikhan42

    [contribution] Simple Template System (sts)

    STS 3 Hello I have nstalled sts 3.0 and have a very silly question but cant seem to work it out chen I use references like $categoybox $searchbox etc all I see on my web pahe is $categorybox and $search box any ideas as to why I can see the actual boxes ? Thanks Ikhan42