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  1. brainbabe

    Paypal IPN vs 1.2 field list error

    Hi, any luck getting the billing_piva issue fixed? I am in the same boat, can't seem to find anything about it here directly except for your post. Can you read italian? Doing a google search for the error line turns up what looks like good info regarding this problem... Please provide solution if you have one!
  2. Hello, I have the exact same issue... Have you found an answer yet by chance? Thank you...
  3. Hello, I just noticed that my product descriptions are chopped off in the EP download and that the descriptions are chopped off in the store also -- do I need to increase the size of the field in myphpadmin like someone does to increase the the model id field ? --OR-- Is it a setting within EP that I need to modify ? My descriptions are not very long at all, a few sentences, but it's chopping off at about 1.5 sentences I'd say. I have some html in the descriptions but very minor and not much like... <li><br><p> I think that's about all. I can remove all that if it's advised. Please advise what to do. Not sure if a general DB issue or a EP issue. Thought it best to ask and not experimenting. Thank you.
  4. brainbabe

    EAsy Populate with ' in descriptions...

    Well, actually, you could then do a find for "dont" and replace with "do not" and any other ones you know you will have, to minimize the manual work...
  5. brainbabe

    EAsy Populate with ' in descriptions...

    Hi, It's easiest to do a find in the ep download file and replace with nothing, then re-word your descriptions as time permits, changing "dont" to "do not" and so forth, and re-upload the EP txt file.
  6. Hi, Following up, no response as of yet (it's been days and multiple inquiries) regarding the sql error I have (1064 ... FROM as products as). Is there a different thread i should post it somewhere else? Lots of other folks inquiries have been addressed, hence the question. I've searched and found the 1064 error all over the threads as inquiries, but not specifically the same error I have or with EP. I merely need to know where that text is, i.e. in what file. Is it TABLE_PRODUCTS instead in the file? If so, i found it, info is all in earlier post of mine. In summary, pertains to easypopulate functioning directly and may or may not have something to do with other contribs, have detailed info handy on everything ever done, even minor wiki stuff... No fields were formally added to EP other than with contribs. Offer open for payment to determine and instruct us on what change needed in file/dbase. This is time-constraint based, would gladly figure it out for learning purpose, if time permitted.
  7. HI, I FOUND WHERE THE CODE IS IN EASYPOPULATE.PHP -- ON LINE 1230 -- THOUGH ALMOST EXACT IN MANY PLACES IT APPEAR TO BE EXACT ONLY IN THIS ONE PLACE IS THERE SOMETHING WRONG WITH THIS PORTION ??? FROM ".TABLE_PRODUCTS." as p IT'S NOT THE EXACTLY THE SAME AS THE ERROR - ERROR SAID "FROM products as p" as being where the problem is HERE'S THE PARAGRAPH ENTIRELY, STARTS LINE 1230 IN MY FILE. $attribute_options_count++; } $filelayout = array_merge($filelayout, $header_array); //Vendors mod $filelayout_sql = "SELECT p.products_id as v_products_id, p.products_model as v_products_model, p.vendors_id as v_vendors_id, p.vendors_product_price as v_vendors_product_price, p.vendors_prod_id as v_vendors_prod_id, p.vendors_prod_comments as v_vendors_prod_comments, FROM ".TABLE_PRODUCTS." as p "; break; // VJ product attributes end } $filelayout_count = count($filelayout);
  8. Hi Mibble, It's the "FROM products as p" at line 8 - portion of the error that I'm trying to locate. Where is that line of code ? In which file(s) is it normally in ? I can't find it anywhere to even check it. I have not ever added any fields to easypopulate myself. I do have the vendor contrib installed which provides new columns. Everything was working fine though. By array, are you referring to the EP exported file? I can get it to export without attributes only right now. The only difference is that I attached attributes to products through admin panel for the very first time. Now it won't export attributes and gives me the 1064 sql error. Should I delete all products and readd the EP file with attributes at this point? Or, is there a way to fix this? I would rather not do so, as it means double work redoing some attributes. Shop's in final development phase so no effect on customers. I had no problems when adding attributes to the EP file and uploading it. Is there a maximum number of attributes that it will export? I tried the option to only download 'COLOR' and that did not work though. I only have about 9 pages of attributes options (at the very top right hand side). The only thing else I've done was utilize Contribution #1832, Attributes Search, which is merely a function to bring up the product in admin. No database changes were made. Is that the problem do you think, something with that? However, I tried exporting attributes without that contrib and it still doesn't export the attributes. Now, in using that, i quickly noticed you can simply change the item number in the url address bar to pull up the product, a short-cut of sorts, so i did do that. Do you think it somehow didn't agree with the database to do that to add attributes (instead of formally 'searching' the database)? Here was your reply earlier, just for ease of reference... Brainbabe, where you added the your extra fields, you have coding wrong. check around line 200, in your array, to see what you have setup, and all through out the code where you added the different fields.
  9. Hi, when I click to "create model/attributes tab-delimited text file in temp folder"... I get an error message and it won't download the full file with attributes either. It did so yesterday, I attached some attributes to products today via admin panel. QUESTION IS: where is the code at that I need to modify? Is it in the database or in a file? HERE IS THE ERROR MESSAGE 1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax. Check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'FROM products as p' at line 8 SELECT p.products_id as v_products_id, p.products_model as v_products_model, p.vendors_id as v_vendors_id, p.vendors_product_price as v_vendors_product_price, p.vendors_prod_id as v_vendors_prod_id, p.vendors_prod_comments as v_vendors_prod_comments, FROM products as p [TEP STOP]
  10. Hi, I have the EP system working beautifully, but today I tried modifying attributes through the admin panel (instead of changing the txt file and uploaded attribute changes). I get this error message and I've never seen it before, but it does seem to relate to the vendor email contribution that i have installed, but the problem and error message occurred when I clicked to "create model/attributes tab-delimited text file in temp folder"... I'm not sure what to do, EP will no longer export the full file with attributes. I added a bunch and assigned attributes to products in admin panel before this happened.. Pleaes advise. Thank you very much. EP is terrific, just looks like something happened, pleae let me know what i've done and how to fix it. 1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax. Check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'FROM products as p' at line 8 SELECT p.products_id as v_products_id, p.products_model as v_products_model, p.vendors_id as v_vendors_id, p.vendors_product_price as v_vendors_product_price, p.vendors_prod_id as v_vendors_prod_id, p.vendors_prod_comments as v_vendors_prod_comments, FROM products as p [TEP STOP]
  11. hi, i think i may have found the answer to my question, but please verify if you would. i recalled seeing "qtpro" i think mentioned somewhere in the forums which i knew that as quattro pro i thought so many years ago (grin), if it was the same thing, so i finally found info on the web indicating... Quattro Pro also avoids Excel's long-standing worksheet size limitation of 65,536 rows by 256 columns, with a maximum worksheet size of one million rows by 18,276 columns. i think that'd be PLENTY of fields!! again, if there's something else that would be better or recommended to use instead, please let me know. thank you...
  12. hi, both excel and access do not permit enough spreadsheet fields to open my easy populate download. it had worked find and dandy and then I added one attribute and now when it exports, i have the file alright but it tells me it won't open the file - yes, same thing sounds like as the other poster on Nov-10th. however, i can't seem to find any info here or on the web specifically as to what software program i need to use? i only have about 30 attributes but about 1000 products and need to establish all the attributes (none are done yet). i want to do that by uploading a modified EP .txt tab-delimited file. have been using easypopulate. i tested an upload with a few attribute modifications to the full EP file a hour or so earlier and it imported and uploaded fine - ra ra - very cool - please advise regarding the field issue.... Thank you...
  13. brainbabe

    Vendor_Auto_E-mail (In_Development)

    Hi, Terrific contribution! Stylistically, which file do I modify to change the look and layout of the email that gets sent to vendor? Is it supposed to have all the info about the order (where the recipient's address is typed) running together on one line or each piece of info on it's own separate, line? As it is now, there's no space even between the info fields... Is that from my web-based email program not showing it as it is for everyone else? I've not seen any inquiries about it, hence my wondering... Thank you!
  14. Great contrib, the PWA, but I decided to reverse the process since it's not something I need for my shop. I reversed everything, but don't recall if I had restored my backup database or had forgotten to do so at that time. In my admin control panel, I still have the "Accounts" link under configuration section and the link choice "Purchase without Account" to select enable/disable there. QUESTION 1 - is this code that I can't seem to find to remove in a file (thought i had reversed everything though) or is this in my database. QUESTION 2 - how can i best remove the links in the admin control panel ? do i alter the database directly (i am familiar with myphpadmin)? if so, what would i need to do ? Here's the relevant code from the admin page (view source type)... for reference... Please advise... Thank you... <!-- body_text //--> <td width="100%" valign="top"><table border="0" width="100%" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="2"> <tr> <td><table border="0" width="100%" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0"> <tr> <td class="pageHeading">Accounts</td> <td class="pageHeading" align="right"><img src="images/pixel_trans.gif" border="0" alt="" height="1"></td> </tr> </table></td> </tr> <tr> <td><table border="0" width="100%" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0"> <tr> <td valign="top"><table border="0" width="100%" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="2"> <tr class="dataTableHeadingRow"> <td class="dataTableHeadingContent">Title</td> <td class="dataTableHeadingContent">Value</td> <td class="dataTableHeadingContent" align="right">Action </td> </tr> <tr id="defaultSelected" class="dataTableRowSelected" onmouseover="rowOverEffect(this)" onmouseout="rowOutEffect(this)" onclick="document.location.href='http://www.MYDOMAINHERE.com/adminss/configuration.php?gID=40&cID=165&action=edit'"> <td class="dataTableContent">Purchase Without Account</td> <td class="dataTableContent">true</td> <td class="dataTableContent" align="right"><img src="images/icon_arrow_right.gif" border="0" alt=""> </td> </tr> </table></td> <td width="25%" valign="top"> <table border="0" width="100%" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="2"> <tr class="infoBoxHeading"> <td class="infoBoxHeading"><b>Purchase Without Account</b></td> </tr> </table> <form name="configuration" action="http://www.DOMAINHERE.com/adminss/configuration.php?gID=40&cID=165&action=save" method="post"> <table border="0" width="100%" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="2"> <tr> <td class="infoBoxContent">Please make any necessary changes</td> </tr> <tr> <td class="infoBoxContent"><br><b>Purchase Without Account</b><br>Allow Customers to purchase without an account<br><br><input type="radio" name="configuration_value" value="true" CHECKED> true<br><input type="radio" name="configuration_value" value="false"> false</td> </tr> <tr>
  15. :D That's the correct smiley...