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    ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 - by FWR Media

    Hi I just installed this module. It works perfect BUT for 1 thing. When I click on categories, it loads fine eg. myosc.com/shop/discount-zone-c-55.html but when I click on product, it says NOT found : myosc.com/shop/badge-reel-p-2046.html&product_name=Badge Reel is it because of &product_name=Badge Reel ? plz help Venk
  2. I have installed oscommerce + More Pics + STS4.5.3 + lightbox All was working fine before Now I installed QT PRO and face this problem : 1. the product info page is not working with QT PRO and more pics 2. the LOGIN or CREATE Account pages are redirecting to homepage ! they are not redirecting to checkout_shipping or shopping cart Ven
  3. I have been using Morepics with lightbox in oscommerce. its working good. One thing i would like to achieve is, the PREVIOUS / NEXT BUTTONS appear only on mouseover. but I need it fixed prmanently on the images (if a product has multiple images) any help ?
  4. Iam using athe latest osc Release with STS contrib. It works perfectly except for 1 thing. I have various categories and subcategories. When I click the First category - cpath id 21 it just shows a WHITE PAGE without the template like this categories and then just the picture of one subcategory... but it works good with other Categories. where is the issue ? Venk
  5. Iam using Featured Products Contribution on my latest osc shop. I wish to change the Table heading and background of the featured products box that appears on homepage. by default it takes, info_box_contents how to change it ? Venk
  6. tsvenkat

    Simple Visitor Newsletter

    I've got this installed -- thanks for the needed contribution. However, I can't get it to function with Simple Template System (STS). It shows up, but when I enter an email address, it just gives me an empty template with some of the STS codes showing (i.e. $categorybox, $informationbox). When I turn STS off, it works fine. I've added this to sts_user_code.php: $sts->start_capture(); require(DIR_WS_BOXES . 'visitoremail.php'); $sts->stop_capture('visitoremailbox', 'box'); Any ideas? hi how did you solve this problem..? plz help
  7. Does EP2.6f product attributes work with ULTRA pics ? the below contrib does not have attributes included Easy Populate 2.76f-MS2 to work with UltraPics 2.05 LightBox contribution http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/5578 can anyone suggest ? Venkat
  8. tsvenkat

    [Contribution] Optimize Categories Box

    thanks ! it works good now. but the LOADING time - i dont find any change. it is the same as we had earlier before installing the contribution. Iam using STS2.2 with Header tags and SEO urls. see below the reference site : http://www.365ink.co.uk/ the above uses the same type of products and caetgories but loads very fast. categories and subcategories count : 11500
  9. tsvenkat

    [Contribution] Optimize Categories Box

    I just made the changes in CATALGO side alone. it gives error as : Parse error: parse error, unexpected '}' in /homepages/d*****/htdocs/*****hop/includes/functions/general.php on line 251
  10. I have oscommerce installed with UK setup + header tags and STS> SEO urls (latest version) works good except for 1 thing when the user clicks BUY now button, the shopping cart gives EMPTY message. how to solve this ?
  11. tsvenkat

    How Did You Hear About Us - Support

    Hi Can you explain how you got the OTHER OPTION working ? Venk
  12. I have downloaded the latest EP module with REGISTER GLOBALS Off. I have also enabled options for ULTRA PICS in EP. All works perfect and iam able to download the file. When I modify data or add new data in the xls file and upload it again and INSERT usign the Import to DB option, Nothing happens, the page gets redirected to EP page again. Is it something to dow tih REGISTER GLOBALS ?
  13. tsvenkat

    Multi-Stores Multiple Shops Support

    I have been able to setup this contrib successfully : Store A is perfect working When I enable Products for STORE B, the images are NOT displayed. It shows in the ADMIN but not the catalog. is it something to with IMAGES PATH ? ---------- Has anyone tested STS with this ? --------- Has anyone tried Lightbox, More pics with this ?
  14. tsvenkat

    Multi-Stores Multiple Shops Support

    I have just installed this great contrib But when I goto ADMIN and give the user/pass : admin/admin, it is NOT letting me in does it have anything to do with REGISTER GLOBALS ? Venk
  15. tsvenkat

    Information Pages Unlimited v1.0

    There is another issue In the WELCOME MESSAGES EDITING, there is NO INSERT or UPDATE Button. Only CANCEL button is visible why ?
  16. tsvenkat

    Information Pages Unlimited v1.0

    Thanks ! That did the trick. It was all because of the LANGUAGE ID Thanks
  17. tsvenkat

    Information Pages Unlimited v1.0

    I have just installed this and its good ! But I dont find an option to EDIT WELCOME messages The Link Info Manager > Welcome Message shows a table and a cancel button nothing else Information Manager / Welcome message ID Title Parent page Public Sort order Action Empty information system how to sovle this ?
  18. tsvenkat

    Paypal IPN issue

    I just installed Paypal IPN 1.4. The Problem I face is, when I install the module, then EDIT it and put email, andother details and click UPDATE, it does not get stored.. why is that happening? any idea ? Venk
  19. tsvenkat

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    Hi Iam facing the same issue.. did you find any solution ? Venk
  20. tsvenkat

    Worldpay support III

    Hi osC 2.2 STS Purchase w/Account installed ------------------------------------ Iam getting this error : 1062 - Duplicate entry '2e1b3ca80e7039fc4e6599811e715eec' for key 1 insert into sessions values ('2e1b3ca80e7039fc4e6599811e715eec?language=en', '1130601637', 'cart|O:12:\"shoppingcart\":4:{s:8:\"contents\";a:0:{}s:5:\"total\";i:0;s:6:\"weight\";i:0;s:12:\"content_type\";b:0;}language|s:7:\"english\";languages_id|s:1:\"1\";currency|s:3:\"GBP\";navigation|O:17:\"navigationhistory\":2:{s:4:\"path\";a:1:{i:0;a:4:{s:4:\"page\";s:14:\"wpcallback.php\";s:4:\"mode\";s:6:\"NONSSL\";s:3:\"get\";a:3:{s:6:\"osCsid\";s:44:\"2e1b3ca80e7039fc4e6599811e715eec?language=en\";s:7:\"msgType\";s:10:\"authResult\";s:12:\"installation\";s:6:\"124175\";}s:4:\"post\";a:36:{s:8:\"testMode\";s:3:\"100\";s:8:\"authCost\";s:4:\"2.49\";s:8:\"currency\";s:3:\"GBP\";s:7:\"address\";s:26:\"testing ci test test LN\";s:13:\"countryString\";s:14:\"United Kingdom\";s:12:\"installation\";s:6:\"124175\";s:3:\"fax\";s:0:\"\";s:12:\"countryMatch\";s:1:\"B\";s:7:\"transId\";s:9:\"140144563\";s:3:\"AVS\";s:4:\"0000\";s:12:\"amountString\";s:10:\"?2.49\";s:8:\"postcode\";s:6:\"582580\";s:7:\"msgType\";s:10:\"authResult\";s:4:\"name\";s:12:\"Tester Final\"; --------------- Any help ?
  21. tsvenkat

    WorldPay Callback

    Can U explain, what you mean by creating a plain version of wp_callback.php using application_top.php ? Iam facing the same problem..
  22. Same problem for me too.. When we choose LONDON, it just does not allow further
  23. tsvenkat

    Attribute Sets Contribution

    I just installed it while inserting a new product, iam getting this error : 1054 - Unknown column 'products_name' in 'field list' update products set products_name = 'testing', products_description = '', products_url = '' where products_id = '29' [TEP STOP] the file : admin/categories.php plz help
  24. Hi all, I have an OSC SHop with EP 2.74 installed. EP works fine and there is no dount on that. But the problem I face is : I have TWO EXTRA fields on the DB - Market Price, Delivery Time and also my categories level (depth) goes upto 7 levels eg.. office > essentials > paper > envelope > f4 > Color > something like that. the thing with EP is - the TAB LIMITED file that is downloaded only has the default format and it does not have the additional FIELDS that are in the DB and also category level is only THREE. Please help me to sort out this. Awaiting reply Thanks Venkat
  25. Hi i have sorted out the TAX issue. but still the DUPLICATE entry problem remains. any help on that.. rgds venkat