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    Hi! I got the following error when trying to buy something with the Postens Servicepakke turned on: 1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax near '>=fra_nr and <=til_nr' at line 1 select * from posten_postnr where >=fra_nr and <=til_nr [TEP STOP] Yes. I have entered a zip (a norwegian one)... I'm not very into osCommerce (just testing it for a possible costumer where the Posten Servicepakke will be a must), but I haven't done much (except from running the 2003 SQL script and installing the files related to this) to the system, so it shouldn't be much wrong in what I've done. Any ideas? (The scripts (not the db) are running on a Win2000 (sic.) server.) - Mathias[/b]