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  1. Kjun, How many change would have to be made to run 2 ccc on the same oscommerce or would that even work. One for intel and one amd. any insight would great jason
  2. Steve, Can you send the files to me Jasong@cybrac.com i did not get an email the first time "Thanks" :) Kristofor, I am using the load 5 from http://www.phesis.co.uk and all i did was place the files in the folders that the came form after unziping and changed one file "Can not remeber which one" in the admin so that I could edit it in the admin and then add the sql. "can not remeber which one" : place the ccc on the left side of the admin panel by adding a line. To add more categories add more in the sql follow the other ones for examples. Then go to http://www.yoursite.com/"path to:"/catalog/build.php Hope this helps, Jason
  3. Steffen, Can you send me the files to JasonG@cybrac.com So that i can us them to. Or post them here so that we all can take a look and you will not have to email them to every one. :wink: thanks Jason G