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    deep-silver got a reaction from geomilli in ### POINTS AND REWARDS MODULE V1.00 ###   
    If they hit the back button, or change their mind somehow. or don't even order, the order is still there.
    Paypal (IPN) build in a way that it record the order before sending the customers to paypal, else when the customer mess up with paypal, you got nothing.
    anyway in case of Paypal (IPN) once you choose paypal for your order there is no going back or changing your mind.
    is it a customer friendly idea??? is it worth paying paypal 4.3% out of your order and still give customers points discount???.
    if you a store owner you can process your customers card order without directing them to a third party site, and paying much less then 4.3%.
    You should reconsider the whole idea.
    We give points in order to push and keep our customers with us.
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    deep-silver got a reaction from mariyam_sipl in ### POINTS AND REWARDS MODULE V1.00 ###   
    Please Note.
    in a rare case where you have enough points to cover your order and your store has only one payment option.
    you stuck. why?
    osCommerce choose that option as the default payment option.
    the only why around is.
    1. the safe way is to enable any other option.
    2. you could add an extra code to go around it.
    i will not post it now unless someone is really in need of it.
    When using points to pay for your the whole order. you will notice that the payment method is empty.
    this add on will show points as payment method or other payment + points.
    in catalog/includes/languages/english/modules/order_total/ot_redemptions.php
    find line no.37

    $order->info['total'] = $order->info['total'] - (tep_calc_shopping_pvalue($customer_shopping_points_spending));
    and add after.

    $order->info['payment_method'] = ( $order->info['total'] > 0) ? $order->info['payment_method'] . '+' . str_replace(':', '', TEXT_POINTS) : str_replace(':', '', TEXT_POINTS);
    Any none standard payment (third party that use api) like PayPal IPN.
    will need to be merge in order to use it with this module.
    I am looking into paypal IPN and will post soon.