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  1. NuclearGenie

    Which paypal IPN is the best

    Just curious which IPN module people find to be the best. I've got Paypal IPN Payment Module (v0.981) installed on my site to play around with, but it's kind of a testing ground for me so it doesn't matter if I screw anything up. I've got a client who only wants to sell through paypal. I've got osCommerce 2.2-MS2 installed on their site and I've modified some things here and there, but I don't want to mess up their site by installing a module they may not need. Any advice on which is the best solution just to make sure paypal orders are going through correctly? That's all I'm really concerned about.
  2. NuclearGenie

    I tryed Alot of stuff but osc and paypal wont work

    Same thing just happened to me. One thing I did notice though is that I was in IPN test mode when it happened. My test transaction details came through just fine, it was only the real order that replaced the product name with "My Store" name. Maybe checking Test Mode to False would fix. Any thoughts? I'm pretty new to osCommerce so bare with me please. BTW I have Paypal IPN v0.981 installed.