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  1. RideTuning

    Wolfen Featured Sets SUPPORT

    Steve, now it is working fine. Admin options are fixed with you last annoucement, and I got the index page working after following the instructions I have missed in this topic. It had nothing to do with the STS template at all. Now Im just changing the layout to fit my needs. Thanks for this great contributions and if I have something new that I think would be useful for everyone I will post here. :thumbsup:
  2. RideTuning

    Wolfen Featured Sets SUPPORT

    Hmmm NICE!!! :thumbsup: The fact that I can't see the changes on my pages is because Im using a STS template? I suspect so... but... just tell me what you think....
  3. RideTuning

    Wolfen Featured Sets SUPPORT

    Hi people, I just installed the contribution. In the admin section, the "featured until" date seems not to update on the database (table products), so I changed it manually. Also, the date is not shown on screen when editing categories, products or manufactures. And the biggest problem is that I don't see the changes on the catalog pages... I think it is because Im using a STS 2.01 template from 7dana.com :'( If this is the problem, how do I solve it? This is the only contribution I have installed (and the template) and Im using MS2. Any help would be aprecciated... thanks folks. :thumbsup: