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  1. Marc_J

    FCKEditor image upload problems

    For Firefox use Xinha : http://www.hypercubed.com/projects/firefox Doesn't support uploading images though, but a good WYSIWY HTML editor for any text areas.
  2. This shouldn't be the case with a default MS2.2 installation. Perhaps you've installed other contributions which deal with the look of your store?
  3. No problem, glad you got it sorted. The 3 variables dealing with New Products are easily confused.
  4. Thats EXACTLY what it's supposed to do. The number in the "Selection of Random New Products" field tells the module how far back to pick new products from - 15 picks from the last 15 products added. It wil display (by default) 9, which can be changed by changing the "New Products Module" number. I'm not quite sure what you're not managing to do - if you have 500 products and you want it to select from your complete catalogue, just set "Selection of Random New Products" to 500, then it'll display the same 500 products randomly, 9 at a time!
  5. There are two figures in admin that deal with new products, the one you're changing deals with the new prodcts page (marked "New Products Listing"), not the one this module uses which is (probably 3 above the one you're changing): - admin--->configuration--->maximum values--->selection of random new products.
  6. Hi guys, welcome to osC and the forums. Scott, this should already be the case. There's something wrong with your implementation if it's pulling products from all over. John, you have to change the admin setting: admin--->configuration--->maximum values--->selection of random new products. Change this to something higher (higher than the number fo products you have, if you want to randomly select from them all).
  7. Marc_J

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    Dennisra, the problem isn't that the price isn't in your feed, it's that it isn't displayed (publically) on your site. That's what Froogle don't like, it's stated in their terms.
  8. Glad you got it sorted invasi0n, thanks for the solution :)
  9. Sorry, without a way for me to test I'd be guessing....hopefully someone can help you......
  10. I've never used that particular contribution, but it's probably just a case of using a file comparison tool (such as www.compareandmerge.com) on the two files, and some trial and error. I could try but without having an installation of SPPC there's no way for me to test. If you hit a brick wall then I'll give it a try, it might be entertaining at least!
  11. Marc_J

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    I'm pretty sure this contrib doesn't put a comma in your prices by default. Perhaps it's a setting somewhere else? Remember that if you're manually checking the feed first (in Excel, for example), Excel WILL add things like numeric formatiing etc. depending on your system settings. That's all I can think of...maybe I'm wrong!
  12. I'm using :- $Id: specialsbycategory.php,v 1.4 2005/06/29 23:03:00 I just checked again, and it definitely defaults to listing all manufacturers after updating.
  13. Excellent, Carine - Thanks! It's working perfectly :) Currently, each special price has to be updated one at a time - how about one [uPDATE ALL] button to submit all changes to the page in one go? I've seen something similar before, I think it was in the Quick Price Updates contrib. I've also noticed that, when listing products by category AND manufacturer, after submitting a change the display defaults back to listing only by category, and forgets the manufacturer - any way to fix this?
  14. Thanks for an excellent contribution! Been looking for something like this for a while :) One question - how hard would it be to add a "Model Number" column, between the "Products" and "Products Price" columns? I generally use model numbers on a rather large store, many products have very similar descriptions and it's easy to make mistakes when pricing them if I can't see the model numbers.
  15. Marc_J

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    Mine is fairly heavily modified and it's been a while, but you should be able to take this and apply it to your file: - In admin\froogle.php, around line 223, change: - while( $row = mysql_fetch_object( $result ) ) { if (isset($already_sent[$row->id])) continue; // if we've sent this one, skip the rest of the while loop if( $row->prodStatus == 1 || ($optional_sec == 1 && $instock == 1) ) { to while( $row = mysql_fetch_object( $result ) ) { if (isset($already_sent[$row->id])) continue; // if we've sent this one, skip the rest of the while loop if ($row->price <= 0) continue; // only include priced products if( $row->prodStatus == 1 || ($optional_sec == 1 && $instock == 1) ) { This should skip products priced at 0. It works for me.