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  1. ArtRat

    Seperate Pricing Per Customer v3.5

    just wondering... has anyone added support for the stock osC newsletter manager allowing the sending of newsletters filtered by group?
  2. ArtRat

    PayPal WPP Direct Payments & Express Checkout Support

    according to ny state: publication 718... "Reporting codes, rather than ZIP codes, should be used for identifying customer location. (Postal zones usually do not coincide with political boundaries, and the use of ZIP codes for tax collection results in a high degree of inaccurate tax reporting.)" modify for new york counties and use any one of these contributions some mods for tax by county (i used the ohio one- removing all ohio data and plugging in the 80 or so NY counties)
  3. i made my extra order email settings to include my cell phone email address. customer makes a purchase, my site sends a copy of that order to my phone email, exactly as it sends to the customer and to my admin email account. once my cell phone gets an email from that address, it is set up to send a message to my phone. works like a charm. all my phone tells me is : "new message." i look, see it is from my website and i know: order. i can log in to my mail account through my phone and can see the order in its entirety, or get back to my computer and see the order. i am aware of all my web orders within five minutes after they are made no matter how far from my computer that i may be. this seems like the easiest way to do it, rather than editing the oscommerce code...
  4. ArtRat

    PayPal Website Payments Pro

    don't you need to set up the return url "order Processed Page ot the Thank you Page" from your paypal account? login at paypal.com and look at all those options everywhere they give you.while there, why not look at every single option you can configure in your paypal account and learn what it is and why it is...they are going to be handling your money. get to know them and all their fine print.
  5. ArtRat

    Gift Voucher

    all the directions are in the documents that you downloaded with the contribution. have a read at it to see how to set it up. gift vouchers are products sold and need to be added as per the directions given in the documents.
  6. see if you have paypal module set to AGGREGATE...if not do it.you cant "per item" using a coupon. maybe look in your pp account too. aggregate.
  7. ArtRat

    NY State Sales Tax- Help Please!

    i use a very very similar method that kj miller uses. I even posted the zone setup I use here: see this topic (and slightly off topic: actually I am "right down the road" {20-25 miles} from Go Karts R us and set up a booth and sell my handmade merchandise at the Seneca Lake Whale Watch Event every year...) back on topic: I implement the contribution country state selector, along with the (edited for NY) Ohio Tax zones. AND NOTE: The tax zones I posted then are now slightly different because the publication 718 mentioned is updated multiple times throughout the year...you will need to update it before using, and again throughout the year as the tax rates fluctuate. country state selector is important for this to work because the customer can never type in a mispelled county, it is a dropdown selection, not a text box. I've seen people wanting to use zip codes for NY tax rates too... ripped from the pub 718:
  8. 1. read the install.html that came with the download. The part that is labeled "Creating and Enabling the Gift Vouchers and Discount Coupons" 2. read the install.html that came with the download. The part is labeled "Enabling Gift Vouchers and Discount Coupons"
  9. ArtRat

    HELP! Supposed to be going live this weekend!

    made the change to the miss typed space character, uploaded it a test server. paid with money order. it works on my site. ---------------------------------- <?php /* $Id: moneyorder.php,v 1.6 2003/01/24 21:36:04 thomasamoulton Exp $ osCommerce, Open Source E-Commerce Solutions http://www.oscommerce.com Copyright ? 2002 osCommerce Released under the GNU General Public License */ define('MODULE_PAYMENT_MONEYORDER_TEXT_TITLE', 'Money Order'); define('MODULE_PAYMENT_MONEYORDER_TEXT_DESCRIPTION', 'Make Payable To: ' . MODULE_PAYMENT_MONEYORDER_PAYTO . '<br><br>Send To:<br>' . nl2br(STORE_NAME_ADDRESS) . '<br><br>' . 'Your order will not ship until we receive payment.'); define('MODULE_PAYMENT_MONEYORDER_TEXT_EMAIL_FOOTER', "Make Payable To: ". MODULE_PAYMENT_MONEYORDER_PAYTO . "\n\nSend To:\n" . STORE_NAME_ADDRESS . "\n\n" . 'Your order will not ship until we receive payment.'); ?> --------------------------------------- just like that ....make sure you upload it to the correct folder path on your site catalog/includes/languages/modules/payments/YOUR FILE GOES HERE if that doesn't fix it, the problem lies outside of this file...
  10. ArtRat

    Weight doubles

    try this: go to your catalog admin-->configuration-->shipping/packaging-->package tare weight defaults to 3 (pounds) google says 1.8 kilograms = 3.96832072 pounds maybe your store is figuring the weight of the packing for you. package tare weight is added onto the item weight.
  11. ArtRat

    HELP! Supposed to be going live this weekend!

    define('MODULE_PAYMENT_MONEYORDER_TEXT_DESCRIPTION', 'Make Payable To: ' . note the placement of the ; ????hmmm???? edit: sorry the space code didn't post proper... 'make payable to: & n b s p ; ' . with no spaces, if you understand. semicolon moves to the left of the apostrophe in your original code: its part of the space character.
  12. ArtRat

    PayPal WPP Direct Payments & Express Checkout Support

    New York State Department of Taxation and Finance form: TSB-M-92 (2)S Sales Tax January 13, 1992 blah blah blah... As a result of an amendment to the sales tax law, effective September 1, 1991, shipping or delivery charges billed by the vendor (which had been previously excluded from taxation as the cost of transportation, if separately stated) are part of the taxable receipt subject to sales tax, regardless of whether such charges are separately stated or whether the shipping or delivery is provided by the vendor or a third party....etc etc long winded rambling verbose. :( Using PayPal's virtual terminal there is a box to tick that applies tax to shipping...so paypal is aware that some of us poor souls need that feature...
  13. ArtRat

    PayPal Website Payments Pro - v0.1

    open your oscommerce admin. go to tools/server info. look at the server info section called configure command. find the line in there like this: '--with-curl=/usr/local/lib' see '--without-curl'= bad news 4 u scroll down your server info page more to find this: curl CURL support enabled CURL Information libcurl/7.11.0 OpenSSL/0.9.7d zlib/1.2.1 have similar? you have curl support. ask your host about curl. it is not a paypal specific library, but rather compiled into your php version. required? from the paypal webpayments pro readme file: