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    WORLDPAY ticking over to 9 digits soon?

    me too got the email, anyone got an idea?
  2. leslie@jump

    Worldpay support III

    We have installed OsCommerce 2.2 MS 2 and WorldPay V4.0 - 1.8 today, and implement a client's WorldPay account. Everything works fine in 100 and 101 mode, even the Callback function. But when we turn to 0 mode, the Worldpay response: We are pretty sure that the Worldpay account is already live, and all currency, authorisation mode are the same as the ones we used under 100 and 101. Is there any solution to this?
  3. Hello all, I am now doing an osCommerce website for my client and he's a tailor. He got loads of cloth types for a shirt product, I am wondering if there is any mod can perform the follow function. 1. He wants to sort all his cloth types in sub-options 2. He wants to choose the main cloth types in Product_Info and click Continue to select sub-cloth-type and then go to shopping cart. Is there any mod for this? Thanks in advance!! :) Leslie