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  1. MikeRz

    Fedex Zone Contrib version 2.0 ready

    I just installed the latest version of this contrib and included the upgraded file by dlpuma and it works great EXCEPT that all my shipping rates are too high. After researching I discovered that although most shippers don't use a Zone 1 and begin local shipping with Zone 2, the buildfedexdata.php builds rate tables begining with Zone 1 and populates the tables with the 'rate.csv which all begin with Zone 2. Therefore each zone is using the rates for the next higher zone. -Mike
  2. MikeRz

    how to install i-transact module

    I recently installed the iTransact module 12-01 and so far it appears to be working ok. But I don't get a status to display under 'Orders' All I get is a blank image. Anybody else have this problem? Any ideas? Thanks --MIke
  3. MikeRz

    DHL/Airborne Express Module

    I run on a FreeBSD server and cURL seems to have issues with FreeBSD/Apache. Is there a way to use this module without cURL? Something similar to the UPS or USPS modules? Thanks