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  1. Got a very customized version of OsCommerce running and its running on some very old versions of Php/Mysql and Apache ( Apache Version 2.4.41 PHP Version 5.6.40 MySQL Version 5.6.45 I am creating a dev server to test what breaks when I upgrade different aspects so that I can fix the issues and upload changes before switching main site Apache/MySQL/PHP versions. Is there any path which will cause the least issues and give me the most benefits in performance / security ? i.e. Should I go for PHP 7 or 7.3 ? With MySQL should I stick with it and upgrade to latest version or switch to MariaDB which seems to be the better option ?
  2. fuzioneer

    Implementing Cloudflare CDN

    Has anyone done this, how easy is it ?
  3. fuzioneer

    [contribution] Tracking Module

    has anyone got the correct code to get this module compatible with current DPD UK tracking urls etc ?
  4. fuzioneer

    [Contribution] Products Specifications

    hmmm our site has v2.6.4 i believe according to the fckeditor.js whereas v4.5.11 is out for ckeditor. Is it an easy upgrade ?
  5. fuzioneer

    [Contribution] Products Specifications

    I have this excellent addon running and works perfect on the customer front end but i am noticing a huge slowdown on my admin back end when editing a product in categories.php specifically when fckeditor loads and the tabs are populated etc. Any ideas ?
  6. fuzioneer

    [Contribution] Products Specifications

    ok i got the addon all working, superb addon :) I wanted to know if its possible with the addon to be able to do a slider for a variable i.e. something like http://jqueryui.com/slider/#range Does this addon do that, or has anyone done similar ?
  7. fuzioneer

    [Contribution] Products Specifications

    have figured out the numbers being wrong as we had entered the filters incorrectly, we still have an issue whereby the titles arent being displayed above the filters and being replicated but i think this is a bug
  8. fuzioneer

    [Contribution] Products Specifications

    got this installed but we have a very custom site and so not 100% sure the coding is perfect as had to shoehorn it into our existing code with STS also anyways, i can add filters, specifications etc so we have added some linked to a single category for testing http://www.outdoorbits.com/teleco-satellite-systems-c-570_514.html however doesnt seem to work correctly so trying to identify if it is a coding issue or an incorrect setup somehow We have set it so everything is displayed with minimum parameters of 0 so all filters display My problem is firstly the filters box is duplicating specifications, see the filter picture below secondly we have modified some products and allocated specifications/filters by editing the products and choosing relevant specifications on the specifications tab but the filters box doesn't seem to allow us to filter anyway, all the options say 15 or 0 (15 being the number of products in the category) see the dropdown picture below Any help much appreciated
  9. fuzioneer

    [contribution] Tracking Module

    maybe this is to do with me running php 5.3.10 ? I have swapped out all $_HTTP_POST_VARS with $_POST in the /includes/classes/tracking_module.php still not working though ?
  10. fuzioneer

    [contribution] Tracking Module

    i installed this on a site and it looks great and just what we need, I installed the Interlink Express and Citylink courier modules and they show up fine below the order in orders.php but if i enter tracking numbers into either field and click Update the screen refreshes but the numbers aren't being stored (checked in the db) Anyone else had the same / pointers ?
  11. well lol i fixed it but to anyone else who stumbles across this thread, my issue was a conflict between prototype.js and fancybox ;)
  12. ok i swapped out the commented out code for tep_image from html_output.php with the on the fly thumbnail code to remove the weird product_thumb.php?width=xx etc type links from product images and its still the same so back to the issue being something to do with TypeError: $("div#fancy a") is null $("div#fancy a").fancybox({ HELP
  13. more info for when someone does see my plight on this thread ;) I suspect it may be something to do with a contrib called On the Fly Auto Thumbnailer generation http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,2226 ????
  14. getting a console error as follows:- TypeError: $("div#fancy a") is null $("div#fancy a").fancybox({
  15. k sussed out the image upload routine, it was due to the HTTP_POST_VARS and HTTP_GET_VARS instead of $_POST and $_GET respectively (I am on an up to date php version on our server) :) However still got no fancybox popup, help ;) ?