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  1. thanks Lech, i have never used the TAX ZONES as Australia is all taxed at the same rate. i have added a new Zone and it works fine. thanks heaps.
  2. thanks Lech for the prompt reply, where do i find this? as all settings in admin are correct. is it a hard coded setting?
  3. Hi all, i have just noticed that my products in are not including tax. i have tried all the PRICE_WITH_TAX FINAL_PRICE_WITH_TAX SPECIAL_PRICE_WITH_TAX and so on.. nothing seems to work... any ideas would be great. kind regards.
  4. fixed with closing ' } ' but now i have an issue with the page being blank? header, footer & left col load but no page on Categories/Products does anyone know what would cause this?
  5. hello all, i have just installed HT SEO new version, i have an error in categories.php Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in /home/USERNAME/public_html/SHOP/admin/categories.php on line 1475 not sure how to correct the error? hope you guys can help. the rest of the install is perfect. just this page. Thanks in advance all.
  6. i have installed this Articles Manager and all works perfect but 1 thing! when i hit the add/remove link in admin it does nothing!!!! any ideas? i do not have header SEO installed! is this a coding error in articles_xsell.php or installation error?
  7. it has started to work just not for my ip, thanks
  8. ok thanks is for any reason that it will not ban me? my IP is not in the Whitelist.txt??? i use FF not IE.
  9. hello all, i have updated to v3 IP TRAP i have found it hard to gtrap my ip when i go to test here no matter how may time i try. it seems that the IP_Trapped.txt file is not being written or something. CHMOD 644 banned file set to 755 not sue what the issue is i have tried everything?
  10. OK thanks
  11. This looks like a large addon so before i spend some time adding it to my site i would like to know what this can do for my site? what are the benefits of this contrib? can linking to other sites make a difference in ranking of search engines? BTW it looks good.
  12. can someone please advise where i have to place this code in the paypal_ipn.php file, i have been trying all different things all night and can not get it right.
  13. just a quick question, what is the best setting to have your files on. now i know the checker recommends a setting but is it better to have the settings lower numbers to make it safer where the checker wants to set most files to 755 when i have then set to 644??? What is better? Also if i click update will i have to re-upload all files again if the install of OSC does not like the permission changes?
  14. i seem to have the contribution installed correctly although i am too having the issue with PayPal, the total is correct so all the points are calculating. the only problem i am having is that the points are not removed from the customer account after it is been used and the new points have not been added. now i can manually change the points in ADMIN but this can be a big job. when using bank deposit the points system is perfect. it is only having issues with PayPal standard. Any help or ideas would be great. i did try the code previously listed in the thread although i got errors when trying to add the points to the PayPal_standard.php files. i don't really need to have the points show in PayPal but i do need them to calculate on my site. Thanking you again.
  15. please do not worry about this post as i have uninstalled it! thanks guys, i will try again at a later date...