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  1. Sorry, that wasn't a very clear question, I'll try again: I read lots of stuff on the greenroom about nochex blocking IPs to prevent DOS attacks on their APC server - their help page suggests you can either post all the destails or have them set up an default APC response on your account (and implies you may have to have Nochex enable your IP to work with APC). I can't get the test APC from nochex to do anything at all - I get the basically empty debug mail implying that nochex send the test apc to me, but then don't respond to the reply from the script. I'll email Nochex and ask the question.... On the Javascript, my google feedback for adwords conversion tracking seems to work (which is javascript), and my host reckons Java is all enabled ? cheers andy
  2. please keep the answers coming - my symptoms are identical to edd's and I'd really appreciate it if you get to a solution I can implement. :) Does anyone know if you have to have nochex specifically enable your IP to work with APC, or is that all passed correctly in the 'old code' ? (just my thoughts) thanks, Andy
  3. oh, and i'm using STS and meta tags contribs (among many others!)
  4. Exactly the same for me too - I even got an SSL cert to try that ! (but hey for ?40 they are a good idea :) when I set the debug mode on I get the repeated emails both HTTPD nochex : no response, and a blank debug email. In answer to L Davies response (thanks !) to my earlier post - I'm running 2.2 ms2, and in test mode the symptoms are the same (the debug obviously turn the mails on and off) What really makes me think I screwed the install is the checkout_nochex.php final screen and no redirect at all... now at least there is two of us, I don't feel quite so helpless at least :)
  5. Still no joy with the nochex APC. I double checked my install and it all looks ok. I've got an SSL cert and now that works ok, and the non APC nochex contrib works ok, but..... I still cannot get the APC version to work at all. With debug mode on, if I send a test APC from nochex I get the debug code mail : I also get a mail from HTTPD with the no response message. I dont get sent to the nochex payment screen, just a blank shop screen. I'd really appreciate any suggestions :'(
  6. I keep losing sales with people not completing the nochex transactions, and this contribution sounds exactly what I'm looking for - but I can't make it work. I want to log the order before the customer is sent to Nochex, in case they never complete. I get repeated emails - NOCHEX VALIDITY RESPONSE _ NO RESPONSE :( and instead of being redirected to the nochex server when I confirm the order, I get sent to checkout_nochex.php with a blank screen, only the main shop header shows. Does it require a valid SSL certificate ? help !