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  1. petermh

    Multi_Vendor_Shipping new thread

    Any luck on resolving this error?? I am getting the same message!! :o Thx. Pedro
  2. petermh

    Invalid Argument Error

    I have been searching thru this thread but, I cannot find anyone who has responded of found an answer to the follow error on checkout: Anyone have any luck in resolving this? Thanks. Pedro
  3. petermh

    Authorize.net setup with AIM

    Well my guess is you are having the same issue as me. My setup appears fine however, I get an error on checkout saying Authorize.Net could not send me the response. However, the transaction suceeds. Let me know if you find the answer to this one. On the SSL setup, once you purchase and install the SSL certificate on your server (I use EV1 and got a certificate from RegisterFly), update the two configure.php files to enable SSL and ensure the other defines are correct. i.e. catlaog/includes/configure.php: define('HTTPS_SERVER', ''); // set to https://www.mysite.com/.. define('ENABLE_SSL', false); // set to true i.e. catlaog/admin/includes/configure.php: define('HTTPS_CATALOG_SERVER', ''); // set to https://www.mysite.com/.. define('ENABLE_SSL_CATALOG', 'false'); // set to true Hope that helps. Please let me know if you find a reolution to the receipt page issue. Thanks. Pete