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  1. Thanks for sharing this Alex :-) I think it would be nice if your code change for the buttons would be added to the BTS readme.
  2. I like what I see :) Could you indeed upload the code?
  3. :lol: Did you notice how old this thread is btw? :-" Maybe better use this: At least that one is about the latest versions :)
  4. very odd indeed, I never experienced it myself or even heard about it before. The only .htaccess that is included in the BTS has a "deny from all" line. And that should show you something like: when you try to access the templates dir itself. Removing this .htaccess file might result in security problems btw! That it does not happen with the other templates does not suprise me, there is no logical reason that I can think of that a login screen would appear. I think it has something to do with your server settings or something. @Rhea: nice initiative to make these templates available :) . I haven't tried them yet, but I surely will do so soon.
  5. :blink: column 'o.orders_prefix ? You are talking about another contribution than this thread is about I am afraid :(
  6. I am afraid there's no template for that kind of boxes (the middle content boxes). You may assign it a css class and/or id (i.e. wrap a div around the box with class/id) and change colors, font-seizes and and borders and such trough the stylesheet. Or you will need to hack the box class (inludes/classes/boxes.php) if you need to make bigger changes.
  7. Thanks for telling, but the idea is that if you find someting out that you asked here, that you post *how* you did it. Else we get the same unanswered questions again and again :(
  8. Thanks for letting us know steve :) Especially since I haven't had much feedback yet (which is not suprising, since the number of template structure users will be very limited, until ms3 has been released)
  9. Ok, the new login box code is ready. Makinging it ready for the BTSv1.5 was very easy, but I decided to clean it up a little and add a forgotten password and create account link to the box as well (multi-langual). (it will probably released next monday, after Steve has tested it) Now back to an important issue: Once you've got the BTS ready loginbox, you may indeed add it like that to the php code template (main_page.code.php). Where you put it does not have any influence on how it works, but I would put it somewhere between the other boxes. But if you don't want the loginbox to appear when someone's allready logged in for example, and maybe you want the (included) to appear it's nicer to add it like this: //begin{loginbox} if ( (!strstr($_SERVER['PHP_SELF'],'login.php') and !strstr($_SERVER['PHP_SELF'],'create_account.php')) | tep_session_is_registered('customer_id') ) { if (!tep_session_is_registered('customer_id')) { require(DIR_WS_BOXES . 'login.php'); } else { require(DIR_WS_BOXES . 'account.php'); } } //end{loginbox} (just an example, change it depending on when you want the boxes to appear) Remind that the begin tag is very important "//begin{loginbox}" (it is used by the script). And now that the code is ready, you only need to add the same tag (but without the "//" so add": "{loginbox}") to your HTML template (main_page.html), where ever you the boxe(s) to appear.
  10. The BTS boxes are a bit different from standard osC boxes, so you need a login box that is made for the BTS. I converted a login box contri to the BTS once, I will take a look, and probably adapt it so it is fully compatible with the BTSv1.5 (which should be easy)
  11. Hi Steve, the login box ? Assuming your login box code should work, it could be possible that you have a login_box.tpl.php file (in the fallback/boxes dir or HTML/boxes dir) that messes things up. But which login box do you exactly have?
  12. tip: read a thread before you post to it :-"
  13. I am not sure if it will help you to achieve wat you want but, if you want to edit the content files you can just create a "content" folder iside the HTML template dir and copy needed content file(s) from the fallback/content dir to it and edit it as you like (it will automaticly replace the file with the same name inside the fallback/content folder). But please note that these content files are not HTML templates! Also these only control the center middle part, not the main layout (but you probably already knew that?). hth (a bit :) ) Paul
  14. Hi Christina, are you still looking for a solution for this? Would being able to style each of those pages individually using CSS do too? (you can change allmost everything through the stylesheet ...... if your template is setup right). @yenju and other not knowing how to add sql data to their database: I think explaining how to add the sql would not be something for this BTS support thread. It is really very simple (it's more difficult to explain than to use), maybe you should search google (or this board) for "phpMyAdmin" or "phpMyAdmin tutorial", other ask your host about it.
  15. That's not a known issue. I think your best option is to re?nstall ms2 and then the BTS.