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  1. And after I process the order and I delete it I'm still storing the CVV2 in my database? I don't see how that is. And I buy many things online and I have to enter my CVV2 online to complete my order. I don't see how collecting it online is breaking any agreement or law when I'm required to do it everywhere I shop online.
  2. Thanks, however I collect the payment information through the cart, however it's not processed through the cart. I process transactions online. I'd rather not have people have to place an order through the cart and then have to follow up with a phone call. Thanks, JP Just Phish
  3. Hello folks, I am trying to find a contribution that will collect the CVV2 data. I do not use a payment module. I process payments offline so all I need is the the data collected and sent to me. I understand the legalities of storing CVV2 data. I am not interested in that, that's not what I am doing. I just need the information collected so I can process the payment and stop all this fraud. Anyone know of a contribution not tied into a payment gateway or module? Thanks, JP
  4. JustPhish

    Checkout without Registering Contribution?

    Thanks for your opinion, however I'd still like to know what contribution would be the most relevant.
  5. Hello everyone. Whenever I search the contributions for something along these lines I get a ton of contributions. Can someone recommend one that will allow my customers to checkout without registering? Also, perhaps even shorten the checkout length? I think I am finally starting to see the impact of people not wanting to go through the process and leaving the site. Tons of folks online with stuff in their carts but not so many checkouts anymore. Thank you.
  6. I have since gone back and investigated a bit and your recommendation has corrected the problem. Thank you for your help and effort.
  7. I'm sorry but is your post directed to me? If so, in your example of the code your example ends at the text "line 78". There was nothing added after that.
  8. The category works just fine. I created it in the in admin using the configuration tool just like all the others and there's nothing I have done different from one to the other. Have you looked at the examples I provided?
  9. It works for every other category I have attempted to add a description to and this is the only issue I have had thus far. I don't see how if I didn't modify the files correctly, especially the index.php, that it would work for every category except one specific one.
  10. Good evening everyone. I am having my first problem with this contribution that I can't seem to figure out. I am able to add text to this category here... http://www.justphish.com/index.php?cPath=23_44 However, I am trying to add text to the category titled Build Your Own here... http://www.justphish.com/index.php?cPath=23_45 However I can't seem to get it to display. Are there any ideas why it will show in one category but it won't show up in the other. Thanks.
  11. Hello folks, I have just installed the newsbox contribution on my site. I have it off right now waiting for me to customize it like I want. Currently the text scrolls in a box with a white background. I would like to turn the background the same color as the background in the rest of my boxes. However, I am not very familiar with javascript so I don't know where to put the code. Do I add a tag to change the background color within the javascript code itself or simply after the <body> tag in the html section of the code? Thanks.