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  1. 23six

    Master Products - MS2

    If a custoer is on one of the category pages and he uses the show: all manufacturers dropdown menu at the top of the screen above the products...he automatically gets logged off and loses whatever is in the shopping cart. If someone could point me in the right direction of what file controls that dropdown menu maybe I could fix it...or maybe somebody can tell me how to fix it.
  2. There is a contribution for this already. Works great, follow instructions, no problems. http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions do a search for "email order extras" one result will say this - customer's email and phone in "order process" message click it, download it, use it, it works
  3. 23six

    Master Products - MS2

    :bump: I still am hoping for some help here. Thanks.
  4. 23six

    Master Products - MS2

    I have 1 question and 1 new problem. 1. Part of the install involves: catalog/includes/boxes/suggested_accessories.php When does that show up? How do you use it? etc? Basically, I've never seen that box in either right or left column of my site and I think it would be useful to have. Anyone? 2. I'm not 100% sure that this issue is related to Master Products, but I believe it is. First, let's say I have added items in my cart. Now, let me select one of my categories in the categories box (left column). Now lets say there are 5 different manufacturers in that category. If I click the Show: dropdown menu to choose one of the manufacturers - I lose whatever is in the shopping cart. I also notice that if I was already logged in, that I get logged off as well. However, if I was to actually choose Buy Now from list and then go back to the main page and log in. All the items that were in my cart are now back in the cart along with the new item I just chose. Since it logs me of I think it may have something to do with cookies, but I don't know. ??
  5. 23six

    Products Attributes Sort v1.0

    OK, here's one for other Newbies like me. I had NO idea what this meant in the readme.txt file step 1: "run included sql query to add new column to products_attributes table". In my search thru the forum and this thread I found this: just about to try this to get my attributes in a selected order, but as im new what EXACTLY do i do regarding this: run included sql query thanks sorry im a newbie too.. what does this mean? run included sql query ??? how do i do this? Lame i know....... J The reply was this: "You go to your PHP my admin, log in and then click on your database, then click on the tab that says SQL... Browse to the file in the folder that is an SQL file, set as autodetect, and then click run... Should do the rest itself!" That reply got me on the right track, but I wanted to add this to help the other TRUE NEWBIES like ME, just to share what I have learned. If you are new to running a server like I am, or new to at least doing the admin on your own site that stuff might be hard to find or figure out. So, here goes: Log into your site control panel. Depending on who you host your site with this could be a large variable. Anyway, log into your site control panel as you normally would. Then, if you have multiple domains you manage choose the one you are setting up your osCommerce cart on (I know this seems an obvious step, just trying not to skip anything for those who really need the help). Next, click the icon for where your databases are stored - this could be many things I realize as it depends on your host provider and also assumes that you have a control panel to access. For me, there is an icon that looks like a stack of watch batteries and it says "Databases". Click into that and then choose the database for your osC cart. If you have only one shopping cart it should be easy to find, I have 6 in the same directory so I had to verify which one I was working on based on the name...it's a long name and begins with mysql85620dca43......... you get the idea. I clicked that to get to a page where I have 2 options: DB WebAdmin and Add new Database User. Obviously, I chose DB WebAdmin. When I click that it opens up a new window in my web browser : Welcome to phpMyAdmin 2.5.3 Now, I can start following the instructions that were already posted. Click on "Databases". That should again bring up your osC database, if you have multiple choices to click, be sure you know the (long-ass) name of your sql database and click it. This opens a sort-of file manager page with tabs at the top, click the tab that says "SQL". This opens up a page that gives you the option to "Choose File" location of the text file. This is the part where you click the button "Choose File" and tell it where to find the file called "insert_attrib_sort.sql" that is in the folder you downloaded to install this sort contribution. I uploaded the file to my server first and then told where to find it when I clicked the "Choose File" option. From there, be sure you have "autodetect" selected and hit the button "Go". It takes care of itself from there. Additionally, you need to follow step 2 of the readme.txt file and either manually update all the .php files that are required by the contribution or just use the .php files that have been so nicely included in the folder you downloaded from Forrest Miller (way cool, thanx dude). I manually updated the first two .php files and then just used the third one included since the instructions didn't say what to alter: (--/admin/products_attributes.php-- ::replace whole file or update manually (many small changes):: Be sure to upload your three updated .php files to your remote server where your site is running and now go to your osC admin page. When you go to the products attributes section there should be the new column "Attrib Sort" at the bottom where you add attributes to your products. I realize this is a long explanation and I hope it helps the other guys that are very new like me...just trying to help. It seems on this forum many questions go unanswered, likely as many of the same questions keep popping up. Read/search the forum guys.